What is the Best Web Hosting for my Website?

When you are setting up your website for the first time, making a choice of a web hosting is very important. You do not have an idea of what to consider before making the right choice and this has led many to make the wrong choice. To help you in choosing the best web hosting for your website, here are important points to look for in a web hosting company:


  • Your needs: this is the most important aspect that you should look into before making a choice of a web hosting company. You need to know the kind of website you are building, the platform that you will be using for instance WordPress, the number of websites you need to build, and the traffic you need for your website.
  • Reliability of the web host’s server: The web hosting should be able to carry out its activities at any time of the day or night each day so that your clients will be able to access your website at all times. The uptime should also be having over 99.5% uptime score as this will be an indication that the host’s server is strong enough.
  • Upgrade option: When a website is very new, you will not need too much space and even a shared web hosting will serve the purpose. However, as your website grows, you will need to upgrade from the shared hosting to either a VPS or a dedicated server and a reliable web hosting company should have these provisions.
  • Renewal cost: Though the cost of signing up for a hosting service is very low for most web hosting companies, the cost of renewal is very high. Getting to know how much you will pay to renew the hosting is important so that you can factor the cost when making a choice. Some of the web hosting companies will charge as little as $4 for a new customer and over $14 for renewal.
  • Customer service: At one time when operating your website, you will require the help of the support team especially for technical matters. Choosing a web hosting provider with a reliable customer service is a good way of ensuring that any time you need help, it will be available.


It is also important to consider if the web hosting company has a refund policy where you will be able to use their platform for a specified period and if you are not contented with the quality of the services, you will be able to cancel the account and have a refund of the amount paid. Some web hosting service providers will give a longer trial period which will be better since you will be in a position to make an informed decision before the period is over.

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