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What is Opencare? How is it Changing the Way Health Providers Interact?

Opencare is a platform that was established in 2012 with an aim of connecting patients to the right healthcare providers. A patient will be able to book an appointment with a dentist and have an opportunity to get a more personalized service.

Opencare has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto that can be reached at any time of the day or night by the residents of North America. To access the services of a dentist, a contact form is provided on the homepage where personal details that will make it possible to trace the dentist who is near your residential area. Some of the questions that one will be asked include:


  • The reason why you need to consult a dentist.
  • Information on when you last visited a dentist.
  • Your experience after visiting a dentist.
  • What time you prefer to visit a dentist
  • How soon you wish to see a dentist
  • Whether you have an insurance that covers dental services
  • Whether you prefer a male or a female dentist

Once this information is submitted, you will be able to access a list of the dentists within your locality and you can then make the right choice. Booking an appointment with the dentist will be done on the Opencare platform.

For a dentist who wishes to have his services listed with Opencare, he should have a lot of positive online reviews on third party review platforms. He should also be ready to have his staff interviewed to ensure that they do not have any record of professional misconduct.


A dentist who has met all the requirements set by Opencare will be connected to the patients within their locality. This means that they no longer have to worry about marketing their businesses as Opencare will take care of this.

Patients who need to access dental services through Opencare will not pay any fee. For the dentist, however, payment will be made for every new patient that will be referred to them through the platform. The fee paid will depend on his location and whether he accepts insurance in the provision of his services.

A person who wishes to get in contact with a reputable dentist in North America does not have to go through the trouble of asking friends and relatives. All there is to do is to fill in his details on the Opencare platform and a list of all the dentists will be displayed. On the other hand, a dentist does not have to worry about where he will get clients as his marketing needs will be catered for by the Opencare platform.

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