zen.digital Finalizes BuzzJS Conference Lineup

BuzzJS (http://buzzjs.com), will be presenting its inaugural conference, a one-day, one-track JavaScript event on June 3, 2016 at Microsoft’s offices in Time Square. The conference lineup has been finalized, and presentation abstracts are available online at http://buzzjs.com/schedule The list is as follows:

Daniel Zen — Keynote | JavaScript Now & in the Future

Gleb Bahmutov — Which JavaScript Framework Should I Use Next?

Alex Castillo — Neuro-JavaScript

Sandro Pasquali — Smarter APIs with JSON Schemas

Andres Dominguez — Large scale Angular Testing with Protractor

Stan Bershadiskiy — Introduction to React Native

Ari Lerner — Introduction to Angular 2

The conference, produced by zen.digital and thanks to the support of Microsoft Technology Center, IBM/Strongloop & Grubhub will focus on Full Stack JavaScript development, exploring recent developments in web technologies at a price point palatable to working developers.

It will take place on Friday, June 3rd at the Microsoft Technology Center.

Registration is open for the limited seating engagement at http://buzzjs.com/register.

For more information, contact info@buzzjs.com

Source: zen.digital