Wix Announces Reiko Wakai as the Winner of its Capture Your Dream Photo Campaign

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2017 — Wix.com Ltd. is delighted to have made it possible for photographer and contest winner Reiko Wakai, to embark on her dream gravity-defying mission photo shoot.

The Wix Capture Your Dream Photo Campaign featured a contest for photographers with a Wix website to submit their portfolio and describe their dream photoshoot. Wix users responded enthusiastically with the contest receiving submissions from 134 countries and in 15 languages. The winner, Japanese independent fashion photographer and Wix user, Reiko Wakai, won the chance to realize her vision. Continue reading

Reiko’s aspiration was a fashion shoot in a zero-gravity environment with the fashion muse of her choice, top international model Stav Strashko. Fashion stylist Mimi Fisher, and hair and makeup artist Ronnie Peterson, were on hand to create a gravity-defying look that captured the futuristic tone of the shoot.

“Wix made the impossible possible. As a commercial photographer, your objective is to accomplish someone else’s vision and goal, but Wix provided an entire team to help me capture my dream photo,” said winner Reiko Wakai. “I take elements of what I love into each shoot, and this one captured what I saw to be a really fun experience in zero gravity. It was a chance to both challenge myself, a well-known model in Japan, and an element that was not within our control: zero gravity.”

Stav Strashko, model and rising fashion star said, “When I was asked to participate, I was so happy and honored that Reiko had chosen me to be part of her dream. It was humbling: my job is to look beautiful for the camera, and in this situation I also had to be graceful in zero-gravity – an element I was completely unfamiliar with and it was a challenge. Leading up to and on the day of the shoot was surreal. We became one big family working together to accomplish one crazy beautiful dream.”

View the behind the scenes video here:

Learn more about the Capture Your Dream Photo Campaign: www.wix.com/blog/2017/08/08/photographer-dream-zero-gravity

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