Winco Fireworks launches first-ever wireless fireworks device for consumers with Bluetooth® technology

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan., May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fireworks enthusiasts will now be able to design, test and launch their own fireworks show directly from their Bluetooth® smart device thanks to Winco Fireworks’ new FireFly wireless firing module. Users can start and stop a show from their Bluetooth-enabled device up to 50 feet away, giving fireworks consumers a safer experience while putting on a high-quality fireworks show in their backyard.

For the fireworks novice or enthusiast, FireFly is a better way to enjoy fireworks, letting users customize and launch their own fireworks show. With the new, easy-to-use FireFly module and app, consumers can:

  • Easily shoot fireworks directly from a Bluetooth-enabled Android™ or Apple® mobile device 
  • Use the app’s Show Designer Tool to design, test and sync their fireworks show to their phone’s downloaded music
  • Launch fireworks from up to 50 feet away with the FireFly app for a safer, more enjoyable experience
  • Design a show and calculate fuse and firing times with pre-loaded Black Cat Fireworks shows built into the app
  • Launch up to 15 fireworks to design a complete show, or fire one-by-one in manual mode
  • Elevate celebrations for years to come with FireFly’s reusable connection cables

FireFly is available for purchase for $224.99 at Purchase by June 15, 2017 and use code FIRE25 at checkout to receive $25.00 off and free shipping. You can also purchase a FireFly module at any Pyro City Fireworks store while supplies last. Have fun, stay safe and find the nearest store to purchase your FireFly wireless module at

About Winco Fireworks:
Winco Fireworks is a national consumer fireworks distributor, headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas. The company launched in the summer of 1964 in Pittsburg, Kansas as a 60-square-foot firework stand and now operates dozens of stores across the country. Since incorporating in 1979, Winco has stood for innovating the fireworks industry and has been producing quality products for consumer fireworks for more than 38 years. In 2017, Winco introduced their latest fireworks innovation, FireFly, to give users a better way to enjoy fireworks. Winco is a proud member of the American Pyrotechnics Association and works with state and local governments to ensure both fair and safe industry regulations. For more information, please visit


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