‘Why I Left Buzzfeed’: Producer Who Helped Create TRY GUYS & TASTY Launches New Film

Christopher Guerrero, former creator, producer, and actor for BuzzFeed, is announcing today a new comedy short film that he’s excited about directing, Car Stealers.

Guerrero might not be the most recognized person at BuzzFeed, but helped create what is now “The Try Guys” and “Tasty”. He’s now embarking on a brand new project created with his good friend Max Baumgarten, who he brought in to several BuzzFeed videos. They’re launching a Kickstarter for “Car Stealers,” the first of many new projects they plan on making with fellow collaborators Eric T. Roth (writer), Rhys Raskin, Nina Tarr, and Gabrielle Maiden.

The collaboration is part of a long-time comedy endeavor that Max and Chris have been working on for years, with videos such as “Signs Your Dad AF” and “The Only Way To Ask Someone Out.”

Wanna learn more about & support Car Stealers? Check out “10 Driving Tips You Need to Know,” starring Max Baumgarten’s character in Car Stealers, Zeke the Driver.

Source: Car Stealers