Why are summer vacations important?

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas, May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In New Braunfels, Texas, you can sleep in a “treehaus.” It’s not in a tree actually, but the location is pretty amazing. It’s in the world’s best water park overlooking all the fun.

“What makes it so special is how kids react,” said Judy Young, Greater New Braunfels Convention and Visitors Center vice president. “They love it – imagine waking up at Schlitterbahn! We have several unique places to stay in New Braunfels. Gruene Homestead Inn has a loft apartment built into a 1940’s grain silo. They are memory makers – the family will be talking about ‘that time we stayed in the silo or treehaus’ forever.”

On vacation, families are in intimate contact. They share new experiences, strengthen family bonds and make lifetime memories. But, preparation for the next school year starts by mid-August for most families. That leaves only about eight weeks to fit in these important family vacations. Summer can slip away before you know it. Family adventures and memory-making travels remain bright, clear family remembrances. They bind you together with intimate family ties that last a lifetime. “Remember the time that we went to New Braunfels and the ostrich tried to stick his head inside the car to eat out of mom’s hand?” Put a priority on summer family vacations!

Put some unique family-friendly experiences on your itinerary – like these in New Braunfels:

At Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the family can go on a Texas Safari. Forty species roaming free make great photo opps – you might get a shot of that ostrich in your car! Or, you can get up close and personal with a “walk-a-bout” to the giraffe barn and Lemur Island.

At Natural Bridge Caverns, the mine sluice might inspire a young geologist. The Kids Canopy can build confidence in a shy youngster. The 60-foot, four-tier version lets teens and parents test agility, balance and strength. Teens won’t believe mom and dad making it to the top. And then, gliding back to the ground via a zip line – no way! In New Braunfels, teens and parents can share the challenge of caving adventures, too. How many family stories will going 160 feet underground lowered through a 22-inch wide shaft conjure up?

The Bat Flight Tour guarantees the resurrection of great family memories, too. “Remember that time mom covered her head with her purse at Bracken Cave?” Take the whole family to see the world’s largest bat colony take off at sunset. We’re talking about millions of free-tailed bats spiraling out of Bracken Cave. But they are looking for insects, not mom’s hairdo!

Away from the routines of home, the family is a unit. You talk in the car about who can learn this “two-step” mom’s talking about at Gruene Hall in the Gruene Historic District in New Braunfels. You giggle about dad screaming on the Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn.

You eat together at the Gristmill in Gruene overlooking the Guadalupe River. You sleep in close quarters – whether it’s a silo or a regular hotel. You negotiate over who sits where. You rely on each other. The family becomes your community. There will be private jokes. You will make new discoveries. Who knew mom was a toobing expert? Who knew the quiet, less aggressive sibling would get air; do grabs and rotational tricks after only a few wakeboard lessons at the Texas Ski Ranch?

When you get back home, everyone will have a new appreciation for each other and a fresh mind to tackle the daily routine. Family travel instills comfort in new places and builds confidence. It opens up the world for a lifetime of exploration. Make your plans now. Pick a place, make a reservation, and figure out an itinerary.

Leave some time for those spur of the moment “let’s do this” ideas. The memories you’ll make are deep-rooted and heartfelt. They rise up through lifetimes keeping family first and always, your most unique and precious community.

For more information on our favorite summer vacation place: PlayInNewBraunfels.com!


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