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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Whether it is to get in a good workout or just a leisurely ride, summer is the perfect time to enjoy your bicycle. However, it’s also a great time for pedestrians to be outdoors. When cyclists and pedestrians share the same space, there is always a possibility of an accident and it can happen to anyone: it only takes a momentary lapse of focus to become involved in a bicycle-pedestrian accident.

It’s not uncommon for pedestrians to use multi-use paths. Many walkers, joggers, and runners plug music into their ears, completely tuning out of their constantly changing environment. A cyclist approaching a pedestrian from the rear must consider all possible moves of a person who is likely lost in a world of music. It is often under these circumstances that pedestrians become oblivious to their surroundings and will move into the path of an approaching cyclist.

Both pedestrians and cyclists account for the recent increase of traffic-related fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,376 people were killed in pedestrian-vehicle crashes in 2015. That was the highest number of pedestrians killed since 1996. While the number of traffic-related fatalities dropped by almost 18% from 2006 to 2015, pedestrian fatalities rose by 12% during the same period. Pedestrian deaths increased by 10% last year, while bicyclist deaths increased by 13%, more than other types of victims. The agency did not break these categories down by number.

A decent homeowners insurance policy might offer a certain liability limit to protect from liabilities that occur away from the insured home, however renter’s insurance and most condo/apartment policies do not usually offer liability coverage away from the premises. Until Velosurance entered the market, cyclists had very limited options when it came to protecting their bicycling liability.

If the bicycle owner elects to commute by bike or ride on multi-use bicycle-pedestrian paths, the risk of an accident increases dramatically: all it takes is a distracted pedestrian to step into the path of a cyclist. Unfortunately, fault is often assumed to be that of the cyclist, despite the pedestrian’s negligence. Possession of insurance could be the deciding factor in the final outcome of such situation: a minor inconvenience or a drawn out legal battle and possible long-term financial hardship.

When an accident resulting in injuries occurs, a police report is generated. Unless witnesses were present, this police report is unlikely to assign fault and it is not uncommon for the at fault party to retain a personal injury attorney. This is where Velosurance steps in: when an optional liability limit is purchased along with the bicycle theft and damage policy, underwriters will appoint a law firm to defend the insured client. More importantly, the underwriters will pay the cost of defence.

Just like pedestrians, cyclists also make mistakes. When a cyclist is deemed to be at fault, there is a definite need to be properly protected against liability. Having legal defense on your side will minimize the financial impact of the lawsuit, often resulting in a settlement with the aggrieved party within the limits of the liability policy.

Velosurance is a national insurance program offering a bicycle specific insurance policy that provides customized protection for cyclists. The Velosurance policy insures against bicycle theft and damage caused by accident, as well as medical and bicycling liability coverages. For more tips on how to avoid bicycling accidents visit

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