Vedic Meditation Expert Ben Turshen Meditation is Launching New Website to Help New Yorkers Be Better Every Day

Vedic Meditation teacher Ben Turshen Meditation is launching new website to help New Yorkers Be Better Every Day


Health and wellness expert, Ben Turshen just launched his brand new website for Ben Turshen Meditation at – for people interested in learning to meditate in and around New York City.

Dedicated to provide the best learning experience and support for his students, Ben Turshen has called upon digital agency SeoSamba to rethink his online presence, and build a content-rich, elegant website for people in interested in learning
Vedic Meditation in New York City.

Founded in 2013, Ben Turshen Meditation promotes Vedic Meditation as an effortless and enjoyable ancient practice for modern life to reduce stress and improve health and well-being,
Ben has been rapidly gaining attention from major media outlets such as New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The NY Post.

Featured on live evening news with Ernie Anastos’ story “Meditation Goes Mainstream” on Fox5NY, and on in CBS News’ story “Meditation helps retiree find her ‘encore’,” Ben Turshen Meditation has been named by Well+Good as “Manhattan’s New Home for Vedic Meditation”, as well as “The Best Modern Meditation Spots in New York City”.

“Given the outstanding media coverage I’ve received in just a few years, I needed to rethink my website, and provide more extensive information to individuals, small groups and businesses interested in discovering the many benefits of learning and practicing Vedic Meditation,” said Ben Turshen.

“To improve the user’s experience and upgrade the overall design, I chose SeoSamba for their innovative technology and their highly responsive service,” Mr. Turshen said.

“Strengthening relationships, curbing harmful behaviors, being present and productive,
are only a few of the benefits of Vedic Meditation Ben Turshen professes, but we call them our own when it comes to designing highly efficient websites for such high profile businesses,” said Michel Leconte, CEO of SeoSamba.

Benefiting from the unparalleled automated search engine optimization technology built in SeoSamba’s open source website builder SeoToaster, has reached new heights in Google within days, being ranked #2 out of 350,000+ results.


“Ben Turshen is a prime example of how a single individual can make a world of difference for countless people,” Mr. Leconte continues, “the revamped website now loaded with integrated functions such as social sharing, videos, blog, and online calendar, now perfectly reflects Mr. Turshen’s philosophy that an easy change can have an enormous, long-term impact.”

“Our original objective was to improve the user’s experience, and upgrade the overall design,” adds Mr. Turshen, but the results went well beyond his expectations: “We are so excited for our new website. SeoSamba did a fantastic job of bringing our vision to life,” he said.

True to the mission of providing the best and most efficient Vedic Meditation learning experience through personal, individualized instruction and follow-up, and the same applies to
corporate meditation programs, Ben Turshen Meditation can now count on a world class online presence to fulfill its trademark motto: “BE BETTER EVERY DAY.”

.Press Contact: Ben Turshen – +1-866-288-7450 –

About Ben Turshen Meditation

A former attorney and fitness professional born and raised in New York City, Ben Turshen is an expert in performance enhancement and a qualified independent Master Teacher of Vedic Meditation.

Since 2013, Ben Turshen Meditation provides the best and most efficient Vedic Meditation learning experience, individualized instruction, and tailored follow-up to individuals, small groups and companies, out of his private Manhattan studio as well as on-site.

For more information about Vedic Meditation, or Ben Turshen Meditation services, please visit, send an email to, or call +1 (866) 288.7450.

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