Tzunami Inc. Announces the Release of the New Improved Tzunami Deployer 3.0

The leading provider of SharePoint migration solutions to many worldwide re-known corporations (including industry giants such as Airbus, Merrill Lynch, The US Army) Tzunami Inc. is known for its plethora of high-quality tools. The company’s most popular product is its flagship tool Tzunami Deployer. The company has now launched the new 3.0 version of Tzunami Deployer that comes not just with far higher speed but supports the migration to SharePoint 2016 and Supports latest enterprise site templates such as ‘eDiscovery’, ‘In-Place Hold Policy Center’ and ‘Compliance Policy Center’.

A spokesperson for the company made an official statement for the press: “At Tzunami Inc. we are extremely customer oriented, assisting our clients with a high standard of personalized service, even if this means working late night hours. Providing our clients with a constantly updated cutting-edge migration tool is of great importance to any company or organization that decides to move its data. We deliver cutting-edge solutions and tools that help companies conduct lightning fast SharePoint and Cloud data migration.”

It is stated that the new Tzunami Deployer 3.0 reduces migration time by 90%, assisting companies to save valuable time and money. Not only is the new version much faster than its previous counterpart; the security of the product has been improved as constantly done by the Developers at Tzunami Inc.   

More details about the Tzunami Deployer 3.0 can be found on Tzunami’s official company website at

Source: Tzunami Inc.