Twelve-ton La Victrola, the world’s largest gramophone, nears completion in Oakland art studio

 OAKLAND, Calif., June 12, 2017 — A crew of more than 30 Bay Area artists are entering the final stretch of a three-year project to build the world’s largest gramophone, a 35-foot high steel and wood sculpture named La Victrola. The project has secured significant funding through private donations, and will wrap up its final crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo later this month. Learn more at


During the day, La Victrola plays the sound of crackly old 78 records for all who pass by. At night it becomes a cabaret stage hosting live performances of music and dance from the 1890’s to the 1920’s.

“La Victrola is a reminder of a time before digital technology, when music and performance were a much more intimate and organic exchange between audience and performer,” said La Victrola artist and spokesman Nick Fynn.

La Victrola’s signature 22-foot horn made a limited appearance at Burning Man in 2016. This year, the crew aim to finish the piece as originally envisioned by placing the horn on top of a nine-foot tall art-nouveau cabinet, with period detail and illustrations.

“It’s exciting to be this close to completion,” said La Victrola artist and volunteer coordinator Shing Kong. “Last year was a great proof of concept, but we always intended La Victrola to be a complete piece, with a horn on top of the gramophone cabinet. The crew is really fired up to finish the piece as we originally envisioned it.”

La Victrola will appear at Burning Man later this summer but unlike other sculptures La Victrola will not be burned.

“We want La Victrola to have a life far beyond Burning Man,” said lead artist Tim Bremner, La Victrola’s creative director. “Its message around organic music, creativity, and human expression resonates with people from all walks of life. It’s equally at home in a music festival, in a civic plaza, or even as the center-piece of a larger cultural and educational event,” said Bremner.




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