Trapper Treble Hooks Take ICAST 2017 Best of Show

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., July 28, 2017 — Two weeks after ICAST, in the quiet of the aftermath of the world’s largest sportfishing conference held at the Orlando Florida Convention Center, Trapper Tackle reflects on its second consecutive Best of Show award in as many tries.

“The design of Trapper Hooks is not just innovative.  It’s revolutionary because it’s also superior in function.  It’s a great honor but not huge surprise to have bookended our first year in business with back-to-back wins of the most coveted award in the fishing tackle industry at ICAST 2016 and 2017,” notes George Catuogno, CEO of Landum Outdoors about its Trapper Tackle brand of hooks.  “Every company seeks innovation in all kinds of products, but when you can take a product that is so common, like a fishing hook, and dramatically change the design with a result that outperforms what has held the standard in hook designs for as long as history has been recorded, it’s historic.”

The concept of the Trapper Hook was invented by Larry Davidson, a lifelong highly decorated tournament angler and former founder of multiple tournament trails and clubs.  “The box-shaped trap provides a pinch point to lock soft baits into a straight and rigid position to consistently create optimal performance of lures in the water.  This translates into more fish strikes.  But the real prize comes when you catch a fish.  The trap restricts movement of the fish and wedges them in place so they cannot pivot on the hook, enlarge the puncture hole, and throw the hook.” 

The oldest fishing hook ever discovered is estimated to date back 42,000 years, and since then has not materially changed.  Former Bassmaster Elite Series Angler and company spokesperson, Vince Hurtado says, “Although gimmicks have come and gone since then, Trappers are here to stay because they work great in so many applications.  I’ve personally experienced the incredible efficacy of the hooks myself but when hundreds upon hundreds of anglers go from curious or skeptical to on-fire about Trappers, you know you’ve got something special.” 

Trapper Hooks.  Historical Innovation.  Multi Award Winning.  Revolutionary.

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