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Currently in the UK there are over 2000+ piano tuners and not more than 250 tuner technicians. The economy can sustain up to 10,000 piano tuners and technicians. Over 80% in the profession are nearing the retirement age while there is a big gap with new professionals.

The age gap can be anything between 30 – 40 years’ difference which means there was a dark age where no one was training. The other factor that contributes to this lack of training is the perception towards the profession. It is regarded even today to be a career chosen and appreciated by the older generation.

There are currently no mainstream universities or educational institutes that are offering this as an accredited programme at a degree level which would attract the younger generation. The lack of such accredited programmes is another reason why parents do not encourage their children to undertake this career.

There is a unique opportunity of improving pianos in an inexpensive way before spending a fortune replacing it. However, to be able to enjoy this prospect or to make a living, adequate training and awareness is needed.

About Theo Piano Tuner (TPT)  

Theo Mukamuri trained with Roberts Pianos for 4 years in Oxford in the following areas; piano tuningpiano restoration and piano assessment. He established TPT with the mission statement that ‘every piano deserves a chance’. Theo assesses each piano while tuning it followed by a comprehensive email report. The report contains current condition; recommended work; expected result; whether the work is worth doing and the cost.

Theo educates clients on their piano’s potential using visual illustrations and clear description of current problems and causes. This has all lead to him being highly recommended and sort after. TPT also focuses on creating and driving an awareness of the profession. This is generating interest from the younger generation to pursue a career as a piano tuner & technician which will increase and improve services customers receive.

Most of the work is done in situ and can take anything between 1- 4 days. We create a conducive work environment which does not interfere with normal household activities. We do a lot of tuning for schools, operas, concert halls, private clients and weddings. Each restoration focuses on the tone and touch while judging and handling each piano on its own merits. For more information please visit

To learn more about the services we provide, please contact:
Marlene Mukamuri, Operations Manager
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