The Complete Smart Home Is Here With Kirio

LYNWOOD, Wash., June 13, 2017 Kirio Inc. has announced the Kirio Smart Home System, which enables home builders to fully automate their buyers’ homes with the simplicity of an app. Kirio offers the first fully open system that lets new home buyers instantly control virtually any device and system in their home such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, security systems, video cameras, blinds, garage doors, water shutoff systems, sprinklers, TVs, music systems and much more. With its patented AutoLearn technology, Kirio intelligently fine-tunes the home, maximizing comfort, convenience, and savings.

“Up until now, homeowners have tried to create a smart home by cobbling together devices that simply don’t work together,” said Rob Green, CEO of Kirio. “Kirio’s Smart Home System unifies modern devices and core systems with simple controls.”

Previously, home builders have been unable to build and offer a complete smart home to their buyers. They have had no way of integrating every imaginable device and system in the home, including core systems such as HVAC, plumbing, lighting, solar and others. Now, with the Kirio Smart Home System, builders can integrate all modern devices and core systems, delivering on the smart home that every new home buyer wants. It even works with Amazon Echo.

“BuildSound wants to deliver a modern, integrated smart home to our customers, who today expect a state-of-the-art home,” said Rob McVicars, CEO of BuildSound. “We’ve committed to installing Kirio in our next 50 homes.”

The Kirio Smart Home System includes the following:
Kirio Smart Hub – All devices and systems whether wired or wireless, connect to the Kirio Smart Hub, which is installed during the home building or remodeling process. This is configured by the certified subcontractor, using Kirio Smart Configure, which generates a wire map and configures all of the devices through a few easy steps.

Kirio Smart App – Like a truly universal remote, homeowners use this powerful, smart app to control virtually everything in the home from lighting, heating and air conditioning, security systems, video cameras, blinds, garage doors, water shutoff systems, sprinklers, TVs, music systems and much more. Homeowners can also set up profiles such as “vacation mode” or “evening mode” and Kirio does all the work, enabling the devices and systems they need and powering down those they don’t need.

Kirio Smart Configure – Authorized installers can use Kirio Smart Configure to simply run through a few easy wizards, and in a matter of minutes, all devices and systems will be connected to have a complete system up and ready to go. This patented configuration tool enables easy configuration of and connection to all devices and requires no programming.

Kirio AutoLearn – With its patented, advanced machine-learning technology, Kirio learns how to fine-tune the home based on homeowner habits and activities and makes intelligent recommendations to maximize comfort, convenience, and savings. No other solution enables recommendations across the broad range of devices supported by Kirio.

Pricing and availability
The Kirio Smart Home System is shipping now starting at $1,799.

About Kirio
Headquartered in Lynnwood, WA, Kirio builds home automation solutions that enable the smart home. More information can be found at  

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