Thanks To PushAuto Your Toilet Time Just Got A Lot More Productive

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2017 — There is a reason PushAuto, a start-up out of Los Angeles markets itself as the #2 way to purchase or lease a car. PushAuto has just released the beta version of a brand new car buying experience. The 100% free platform connects car shoppers with California’s top auto dealers to deliver a fully digital concierge experience without requiring the user to enlist the help (or expense) of an auto broker.

The digital tool was designed to allow shoppers to build the car they want, choose their desired deal type (cash, finance, or lease), and pre-qualify with a soft credit pull which won’t impact their credit. All dealers share one credit file so there is no need to fill out a new credit app every time a user wants to shop another dealer.

Users will then receive up to five no haggle offers from surrounding dealers. Deals can either be accepted or declined – there is no back and forth negotiations. Next simply upload your required documents, select whether you want to pick up the car for free or have it delivered (often free depending on location).

Co-Founder and CEO Josh Paul stated, “We wanted to find a way to empower those shoppers who would prefer to do their car shopping from the convenience of wherever they’d like to be – a way to purchase or lease a new car like they’d order a pizza.” He continued, “We felt that the old-school price promise method of printing out a coupon and then taking it to the store to get your car lacked a certain ease of use which modern shoppers have come to expect in all other facets of their retailing experience. And when you can lease a brand new economy car for little more than a cell phone payment, why wouldn’t you want to complete that whole process online and then just have the car delivered?”

PushAuto eliminates the need to visit the dealer to buy your car or the bank to finance it. Their platform enables the user to choose, qualify and purchase or lease from anywhere. PushAuto’s portal is the first to provide a multi offer online process for new vehicles. During the beta period, PushAuto is only available to those in Southern California but the company has plans to expand into additional counties in the near future.



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