Texila American University is Listed Among Local Entities Embracing ‘Green’ Energy

Texila American University has been listed among the local entities in Guyana embracing “green energy.” The University has recently opened its new campus in Providence with state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the modern amenities to nurture the best learning experience for aspirants across the globe. The university infrastructure is completely designed in compliance with the embracing features to enable a green environment.

Several organisations have been embracing the notion of green energy, which is derived from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, plants, algae and geothermal heat. These energy resources are renewable and can be naturally replenished. Texila American University, a growing Medical School in the Caribbean with its best campus in Guyana, is among the local entities that embrace the notion of green energy.

TAU is one among the top-ranked and fastest-growing Medical Schools in the Caribbean.

Talking to the media, Mr. Ashok Kumar, The Vice President – Operations of the University, said, “The main idea was to ensure that the building is as [green] energy efficient as possible. This included considering the key areas of natural light which directly impacts on the energy used in the building. We had experts who designed it in a way so that we can get [natural] light all the time.” Added to that, Mr. Kumar also said that, in addition to all the existing energy-driven measures, the institution has plans to put in place a solar panel system. 

TAU is posted to be a TOP Caribbean Medical School. So far, the Texila American University Consortium has enrolled 4,000+ students from 70+ countries for its healthcare programs and other blended learning programs in various streams. The University has a 100% pass ratio in few Local Medical Council Exams and the alumni are practicing as doctors worldwide.

With the university’s sustained Quality and Student Care, it is turning out to be a landmark and preferred destination for healthcare studies for students’ community across the globe. Currently, admissions are open at Texila American University for the 2017 Intake for its healthcare programs.  

To learn more, visit the website: http://www.tau.edu.gy



Source: http://www.tau.edu.gy