Tencent YouTu Lab Launched YouTu Skyeye for People Search

BEIJING, June 23, 2017Tencent YouTu Lab, an AI research lab under Tencent focusing on machine learning, officially released “YouTu Skyeye”, a series of products and solutions based on mass facial retrieval technology for people search, at the 2017 Internet Good Summit on June 13, further applying the technology to society to solve practical problems and enhance public welfare.

YouTu Skyeye supports 100 million identity facial identity retrievals, at a retrieval speed of one millisecond.

In March 2017, an anti-lost platform based on YouTu Skyeye was launched in Southeastern China’s Fujian Province. On March 24, 2017, the platform successfully found a lost boy for the first time, and helped him return home. To date, the platform has successfully found 124 lost people in just about three months, and has greatly enhanced the success rate of searches for lost family members and relatives, helping the public embrace AI technology.

Such achievements are made possible thanks to YouTu Lab’s increasing level of accuracy. In March 2017, YouTu Lab boosted its facial retrieval accuracy rate from 99.65% to 99.80%, which enabled it to break the world record with the facial identification database LFW. Furthermore, in April 2017, YouTu Lab topped the test using the mass facial identification database, MegaFace, with an accuracy rate of 83.29%.

It is a grim social reality that lost family members and relatives are rarely found. At the summit, YouTu Lab shared its experience on the successful finding of lost family members and relatives through the use of mass facial retrieval technology.

About Tencent YouTu Lab

YouTu Lab leverages Tencent’s leading social platforms to develop advanced technologies and applications in areas including computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, deep learning and audio analysis.

With dozens of industry-leading technologies in the fields of facial and image recognition as well as voice identification, YouTu Lab currently provides technical support to over 50 Tencent businesses, covering core products such as QQ, Qzone, QQ Music, Tenpay, WeBank and Pitu.


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