Televisory Announces Launch of Data Analytics and Operational Benchmarking Platform in the US


– First Ever Global Operational Benchmarking Platform

– Operational & Financial Data of over 8,000 Companies available for 650+ industries.

Televisory, a leading operational and financial benchmarking analytics firm, today announced the launch of its Data Analytics and Operational Benchmarking Platform in the United States. Apart from the unique structured platform to facilitate Operational Benchmarking, the Televisory platform can measure real-time operational and financial performance against peers or competitors anywhere in the world, including, globally and regionally renowned companies. While Televisory has chosen to launch its platform from the US, its services are available globally.

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Televisory ( ) facilitates operational and financial benchmarking to help companies stay ahead of the competition. Televisory is not just limited to those who operate businesses, but is a precise tool and repository of information for banks, investment banks, investors, private equity and venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, consultants, financial and operational advisors and researchers.

Announcing the launch, Shiv Dave, Founder of Televisory said, “The drive for boundary-less markets and Internet has created a true global economy. While it provides opportunities, it requires abilities and preparedness to compete at that level.”

“Televisory is the platform where you can measure your operational and financial performance against your peers or competitors anywhere in the world, including globally and regionally renowned companies. This product is available for everyone, whether listed or non-listed companies, analysts, researchers and small or large businesses, and can be operated real-time globally, from anywhere,” Dave added further.

Capable of providing operational and financial benchmarks currently for more than 8,000 companies, across regions and sectors and over 650 industries across the globe, Televisory has multiple measurable metrics and functions, including the ability to:

  • Conduct Real Time Data Analytics (RTDA)
  • Televisory Console (enables Lenders and Investors carry out various analyses of its investee companies)
  • Provide a What-If Analysis
  • Understand Debt sizing (Coming Soon)
  • Perform Obligor grading (Coming Soon)
  • Carry Sensitivity analysis (Coming Soon)
  • Set early warning signs (Coming Soon)
  • Create Data Screeners (Coming Soon)

Televisory maintains data from non-listed companies on an anonymous basis to maintain confidentiality of the data.

About Televisory 

Founded by Shiv Dave, Televisory is a leading operational and financial benchmarking platform with a database size of over 8,000 companies across more than 650 industries. The unique concept of combined operational and financial benchmarking of Televisory has been filed for patents at various jurisdictions including the US.

Televisory’s team comprises of 140+ professionals with diverse industry knowledge and experience who cross check every data point multiple times for accuracy, manually and through system tools.

Shiv Dave has over 32 years of experience in financial services and other than founding Televisory, he also spearheads Emindobiz Advisory Pvt. Ltd., a boutique financial advisory firm located in Singapore and Jakarta. Shiv is a highly experienced financial advisor with experience of carrying out transactions in over 20 countries globally.

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