Tagove Launches Its Own Integrated CRM to Fuel Live Chat Conversation

Managing conversations via live chat, whether it’s a video/voice call or text chat, always seems to be a complex task for the customer. Which is why Tagove developed its in-house integrated CRM, which helps manage and access the conversation once the customer completes the chat or leaves a query on a business’ website.

At Tagove, we learned from an existing customer that previous chat history with that customer held crucial information the businesses required for analysis. Whether a business is using Tagove for sales, support or lead generation, Tagove aims to keep that conversation going once the customer leaves the website, which is where the CRM comes into play.

But you have already invested in live chat — so thinking about third-party CRM integration, will it cost you extra bucks? This is why the Tagove CRM software integrates seamlessly with live chat, allowing all leads to be managed in one place. This, in return, creates a simpler environment for sales teams to follow up with potential leads.

Here is a list of exciting features we developed for our customers. Have a look.

  • Get chats directly to the CRM

Now this is fun. This integration will allow the CRM to manage leads through the live chat tools. Getting live chat tools inside the CRM increases the intensity of ‘informed decisions,’ and these tools also save the costly time of switching platforms for picking up a live chat request and adding the same contact as a potential lead in a CRM’s lead management section.

  • Make calls directly from CRM with the use of VOIP, manage contact details, and import contacts.

By using our VOIP calling system, you can also call a customer directly on their mobile, right from the CRM. Further, annoying tasks like managing the contact details and importing contacts from the different live chat sessions will be a walk in the park.

  • Email automation – create templates

This is the heart of a CRM. Notably, email automation is one of the core functions of any CRM tool, and when it gets the support of the modern communication tools, it creates an all-in-one communication platform. Automatically added live chat histories would help the CRM system make better decisions when email automation is concerned.

  • Share and task – share and assign task to other sales/agents

Sharing tasks to the right reps and departments, at the right moment, is the core reason behind the increased efficiency of an organization. Further, it greatly influences the major KPIs of a sales and support processes. Tagove’s CRM is an intuitive solution which offers a simple and intuitive interface for easily sharing and assigning tasks within a sales and support team. It allows an organization to bring departments together when dealing with specific needs of a customer.

  • Lead grouping and filtering

Lead grouping and filtering is the first step toward the lead analysis system. Tagove’s CRM is smart enough to create custom group of leads (primary, chat, offline, timely), filter them according to their behavioral analysis and share with other groups or departments.

●        Lead grouping and filtering

It’s not that the leads knock on doors only when you are online. Offline chat history and offline contact forms can prove to be a gold mine. The most interesting part of the story is that you can feed leads from the offline chats and contact forms right into your CRM.

  • Assign lead/chat to different department

Success demands a collaborative approach and assigning leads or switching an on-going chat to the right department of your organization is a bottom line requirement for that. Simply, create and assign tickets to support reps and let them take over the same within a blade of time.

Lastly, those who want to have the Tagove’s CRM solution as a standalone tool (without the live chat integration) are always welcome.

About Tagove

Tagove is new online communication software that reinvents the relationship between customers and companies.  It aims to re-create face-to-face communication by offering live text chat, voice and video call, as well as screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities.

Tagove allows businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers and increase sales/conversions, and inevitably, a better customer experience. 

Source: Tagove