SpeedTech Lights Releases Three New Off Road Product Lines

SpeedTech Lights is always offering innovative products in the emergency vehicle lighting industry, and they have just released three new LED off road light bars product lines. These products are designed to be integrated into any off-road vehicle for both personal and professional use.

The Dual Carbine Series features 3-Watt CREE LEDs with a dual stacked configuration. They are IP68 rated and use heavy duty housing to hold up in harsh environments. Customers can choose either Floodlight or Hybrid optics:

  • Floodlight Optics provide a greater light spread for wide visibility
  • Hybrid is a combination of Floodlight and Spotlight optics to provide both focused power straight ahead and widespread light dispersion

Every unit includes adjustable end cap brackets, an I-Bolt for mounting, and a 17′ cable. The sizes range from 5” to 50”, offering a variety of installations including grille, roof rack, smaller ATV vehicles, golf carts, and more. This style is most popular on Jeeps, Ford Raptors, and are great off road lights.

In comparison, the Carbine Series features 5-Watt CREE LEDs arranged in a single row of LEDs. This smaller series also has an IP68 rated housing as well as Floodlight and Hybrid optics. But, the sizes are smaller, varying between 5” and 18”. The condensed size is perfect for grilles, brush guards and bumpers since they are not as wide as the dual carbine. This style is most popular on smaller ATV vehicles and golf carts.

Another similar series is the LED work lights, which come in a layout of a square with 9 LEDs or a circle design with 7 LEDs. The work lights feature 3-Watt CREE LEDs, and they are also available in both Hybrid and Flood optics.

The broad variety of light bars and layouts makes it simple to customize the system to any vehicle. For more information about custom LED solutions, contact SpeedTech Lights.

Source: SpeedTech Lights