SpaceX Hyperloop – USC Working With Lithium Battery Company

The Lithium Battery Company located in Tampa, FL is now working with The University Of Southern California on the SpaceX Hyperloop project founded by Tesla Motors co-founder, Elon Musk.   Thirteen members traveled to Texas A&M University to compete against 120 groups hoping their design would become a reality.  The complex custom battery design was for a proposed ultra high speed travel – up to 750mph – that would blast transport pods in enclosed tubes.  With the numbers being crunched, the pods can carry more then 1,000 pounds in people and cargo.  The battery design is now being developed for the Hyperloop Test Track in Hawthorne.  Nathan Staron, President of TLBC commented,  “We look forward to more developments from USC in the next upcoming months. This is a very exciting project for LBC to be involved with. The students are wonderful to work with and are very passionate about this project.”

Lithium Battery Company designs, develops and manufacturers high-technology lithium-ion batteries for a variety of devices and applications in a number of industries. Our lithium battery solutions deliver high power, long life, and are environmentally friendly. Advancements in lithium-ion technology have made them affordable, small, light-weight, and able to meet the punishing power needs of today’s high-tech products. From electric powertrains in auto and marine vehicles, alternative energy storage requirements of solar and wind power generation to portable wearable devices.

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The Final 8 For the Hyperloop Project was just announced on February 3rd, 2016.

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