Sinolink Launch New US Medical Observership Programme

LONDON, May 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Sinolink Healthcare announces the launch of a new Observership programme for International Medical Graduates (IMG) to learn the U.S. health system.

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Over ten years Sinolink have established very close relationships with the major healthcare authorities in China, facilitating the exchange of trained medical observers from China to the United Kingdom and United States.

Observers will be able to learn, watch procedures, attend patient rounds and teaching conferences whilst developing and sharing medical knowledge with their hosts. Whilst the hosting department receive a number of benefits from research funding, training development and International collaboration, the Observers are able to assist in the development of China’s healthcare system.

The clinical observership programme is designed to enhance learning within the observers’ medical specialism whilst gaining experience of US medical systems and procedures.

Sinolink Observership Programmes:  

Sinolink have run Observership programmes with trained medical practitioners from China for nearly ten years, and have built up well established links with the major healthcare authorities in China.

The company’s expertise is based on these long term international relationships and programmes whilst providing effective management of all clinical attachment requirements.

The clinical and non-clinical programmes range from hospital CEO management training to care assistant training, with the most popular being clinical attachment programmes for doctors and nurses. The programmes also include clinical governance, risk management, leadership and complex patient care, as well as medical codes of conduct.

The benefits to observers include being exposed to a wide range of medical practices such as simulation labs, ward rounds, MDT (multi-disciplinary team) meetings, assimilation and theatre training.


Sinolink is a healthcare education and training company, providing, organising and managing collaborative partnerships for international doctors and nurses to learn and experience health service practices within in the UK and US. Sinolink believe these programmes are able to make a difference to healthcare by creating the opportunity for medical specialists to observe and share information in order to deliver the best possible service to their patients. 

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