SimpliSafe’s Top 6 Tips for a Safer Summer

BOSTON, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SimpliSafe, the nation’s fastest growing home security company, today announced its top 6 tips for a safer summer. With Memorial Day around the corner, SimpliSafe wanted to help people prepare for fun in the sun.

“According to the FBI, summer is the peak season for burglaries as people head outdoors and on vacation,” said Melina Engel, vice president of marketing. “At SimpliSafe our mission is ‘Every Home Secure,’ so we thought we should share some common-sense tips to help keep families safe this summer season.”

6 Tips for a Safer Summer

  1. Have someone mow your lawn. There’s nothing like bushy grass to flag that you’re out of town.
  2. Put a “stop” on your mail. Skip the online shopping before you go away. If something slips through the cracks, have a friend or neighbor keep an eye out for packages and mail piling up. Packages on doorsteps are ripe for the picking and can clue that you may be away.
  3. Put your lights on an automatic timer, and not just one light. Rotate them so it gives the impression that someone is home.
  4. Install a motion-sensitive floodlight to scare off critters and potential burglars alike.
  5. Be careful about open windows. As warm weather arrives and windows fly open, don’t forget to close and lock each one, especially on the ground floor, before you hit the road.
  6. Get to know your neighbors. If you’re not already on a friendly basis with your neighbors, now is the perfect time to dust off your tollhouse cookie recipe and swing by with a sweet treat and your contact info, in case they spot something suspicious.

About SimpliSafe
Founded in 2006 by Chad Laurans, SimpliSafe offers simple, affordable, professionally-monitored home security systems and HD security cameras. SimpliSafe’s mission, “Every Home Secure,” is carried out in its commitment to provide top-of-the-line security products and services without barriers like aggressive salesmen, expensive fees, and long-term contracts. Anyone can set up a SimpliSafe® home security system in under an hour with no wiring, no drilling and no tools. Today, SimpliSafe protects over a million Americans and has been featured in CNET, New York Times, Fortune, the Today Show and more. To connect with SimpliSafe visit the SimpliSafe Facebook and Twitter profiles and The company is based in Boston and employs approximately 450 people.

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