Search Technology Up-ends Traditional Media

DADE CITY, Fla., June 14, 2017 — Search technology has disrupted advertising and sales with large companies like Google and Microsoft making huge profits.  But small players are using new technologies to upend even staid sectors like media monitoring and analysis.  In a niche vertical dominated by a few large names, advanced algorithms have enabled the emergence of small players.  One of these is TechMIS, who uses new algorithms to deliver a product rated more highly by customers at lower cost.  The result has been growth for TechMIS at the expense of old-line companies.

Although a new approach to the media monitoring and analysis sector, reliance on advanced search algorithms has empowered Wall Street and micro-segment marketing.  But the answer is not just technology.  Powerful algorithms augment expert human editors who evaluate and classify data based on client priorities.  The result is a tailored report on the client’s schedule, usually as most people are waking up. 

Load-balancing employee scheduling based on news cycles and leveraging collaborative work tools has been positive for employees as well as enabling TechMIS to employ the right expert regardless of location. TechMIS’ VP, Burt Squires, says, “Our eclectic mix of editors and analysts enjoy working off hours.  We’ve made use of collaborative tools to job-share right up until the daily reports are delivered, which is usually at the crack of dawn to enable clients to prepare for their day.”

Technology-supported human editing provides personalized reports that are found on Presidential Cabinet Secretaries’ desks as well as in other high-level government offices.  This experience has enabled TechMIS to win a GSA contract based on positive customer reviews and capturing a number of contracts from established market players.

TechMIS’ successful model is not limited to English-language media. TechMIS has performed analysis in multiple languages, but this human-driven, technology-aided approach has been recently deployed to deliver a single English-language report based on multiple language inputs.  This advance supports government and commercial entities that serve an increasingly diverse population.

TechMIS’ successful expansion into the Media Monitoring market has reaffirmed their commitment to developing new technologies and techniques.  As TechMIS’ CEO, Dr. Steven Mains said, “We have great people delivering a great product on a relentless schedule.  We try to make their work more efficient and effective and the product better.  If there is another breakthrough technology out there, we want to find it first.”

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