rLoop Acquires Euroloop.io and Partners With 10x Labs Sweden

rLoop, the multi-award-winning crowdsourced Hyperloop company, today announced it has acquired Euroloop.io, the platform promoting Hyperloop awareness in Europe, as well as partnered with 10x Labs, which works to empower organizations to realize an exponentially improved future made possible through technology. The move signals the increased efforts of making the Hyperloop vision a reality within Europe.

Through the partnership, rLoop and 10x Labs will collaborate on a seminar series to introduce the Hyperloop concept and rLoop’s innovations and progress. Seminars will be targeted to 10x Labs clients in public transportation and the innovation community.

“rLoop is making the Hyperloop into science fact now, and doing so with a unique and future-oriented organization.”

Sebastian Sjöberg,
Co-Founder of 10x Labs

“The aim is to accelerate the introduction of Hyperloop technology as a valid mode of transportation and to encourage action to implement the technology in the near future,” said Sebastian Sjöberg, co-founder of 10x Labs. “rLoop is making the Hyperloop into science fact now, and doing so with a unique and future-oriented organization.”

10x Labs is to host the seminar series beginning with the Swedish innovation public sector and expanding into larger cities throughout Europe shortly after. The series is set to launch mid-May of 2017.

“The passion we’ve seen at 10x to promote a better future by embracing innovation is both inspiring and shared at rLoop,” said Brent Lessard, co-founder and Project Manager at rLoop. “We’re excited to collaborate with them to tell the story of rLoop and show our vision and technology for a Hyperloop ecosystem.”

About 10x Labs

10x Labs, run by Sebastian Sjöberg out of Sweden, works with legacy organizations and large enterprises. Their massively transformative purpose is to mobilise the power, capital and mandate of these entities in order to build a radically better world. 10x Labs does this by providing an exponential mindset through facilitated learning experiences, technology acceleration, and prototyping.

About rLoop

rLoop is a globally distributed and crowdsourced Hyperloop company. Their Hyperloop designs have won multiple awards from SpaceX, Dubai Future Foundations, and more. Their unique organization facilitates the collaboration of global talent and resources on centralized opportunities, made possible by embracing modern collaboration tools and pioneering processes in collaborative virtual design and remote manufacturing.

Source: rLoop