Right C3 Has Big Impact on 2017 Graduates

Right C3 conducts an annual survey of high school seniors in their program as they graduate and transition to higher education. Once again, the effectiveness of Right C3 to help the class of 2017 address complicated financial aid and college application challenges has been a game changer for families. Here is what 2017 survey respondents said about Right C3 college planning services:

92% of students using the program were accepted by 1 of their top 2 university choices

91% of students would recommend the Right C3 program to a friend

The average first year financial aid offer was over $20,502

This program works throughout all years of high school and is of particular value during the critical college application phase. Right C3 Coaches provides feedback, questions, and suggestions to help ensure that students put their best foot forward and do not overlook important details.

Right C3 is a private educational-service company that provides expert college planning help to students and families nationwide. These services would be out of reach for many families, but we have combined technology, a caring team of highly trained Coaches, and years of experience into a program that’s affordable to families in need of our assistance. For more information about the program, please visit www.rightc3.com.

Source: Right C3, LLC