ProtectPax Announces 800% Funding on Indiegogo

ProtectPax has launched a successful Indiegogo campaign for its liquid glass protector and has raised more than 800 percent of its initial goal. The company has since partnered with Funded Today to increase its number of backers.

Performance and Specs

​ProtectPax is a liquid formula that users simply spread around a surface. Once dry, layer on the glass protects from it scratching, water damage and accidental drops. The liquid is completely unnoticeable and quick-drying, making application and use easily. ProtectPax also protects against electromagnetic radiation, improves touchscreen functionality and is invisible for up to one year.

Pricing and Availability

ProtectPax has partnered with Funded Today to increase the number of backers for its campaign. Once the campaign concludes in March, the product is set to be produced and shipped out to all backers by April 2017. The starting price for ProtectPax is $17.

To learn more about ProtectPax or to pre-order, you can visit their page here:

Contact Info:

Name: Anthony Filipiak
Organization: APS Produkte UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Phone: +49 211 94210316

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Source: ProtectPax