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  • Keys to Successful Supply Chain Strategy
  • The Effectiveness of Worksite Programs in Reducing Opioid Abuse
  • Why All Workplaces Need an Onsite Coach/Psychologist
  • AI and Machine Learning in Medical Imaging


  • Financial Reporter – Reorg Research
  • Equities and Oil Reporters – MT Newswires
  • Reporter, CMO Today – The Wall Street Journal


  • The Future of Journalism: Real World Training at Today’s Colleges and Universities
  • 3 Common UX Design Myths Debunked
  • How to become the stand-out photographer you’ve always wanted to be – in 4 steps



Keys to Successful Supply Chain Strategy
Suman Sarkar
Three S
New York, NY
Technology and new business models are disrupting industries. Strategies must change. Sarkar is available to discuss how companies can use supply chain and sourcing to compete in these disruptive times. Says Sarkar: “When CEOs think about the supply chain, it’s usually to cut costs. But the smartest leaders see supply chain and sourcing for what they can be: hidden tools for outperforming the competition. Across a range of industries, once-leading companies are in trouble: Walmart, IBM, Pfizer, HP, and The Gap to name a few. But others thrive. While competitors were shutting stores, Zara’s highly responsive supply chain made it the most valued company in the retail space and its founder, the richest man in Europe. The success of TJX, Amazon, Starbucks and Airbus is fueled by supply chain and sourcing.”
Sarkar is the author of The Supply Chain Revolution: Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World (AMACOM), and is available for interviews in English and Hindi.

The Effectiveness of Worksite Programs in Reducing Opioid Abuse
Dr. Joel Bennett
CEO and Founder
Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems, Inc. (OWLS)
While the opioid and prescription drug epidemic has received considerable attention given the over 300,000 people it affects annually, relatively few realize the impact it’s also having on the nation’s workforce. It’s become increasingly commonplace for employees to use prescription medication outside of intended use to improve job performance, overcome lack of sleep, or to alleviate pain. Although 70% of employers are negatively impacted by Rx abuse, less than 25% educate workers on prevention. Thirty percent do not provide access to alternative treatments.
Says Dr. Bennett: “Employers are starting to realize the negative effects of Rx abuse on employee readiness, morale and productivity. But prevention programs can be a hard sell — it’s a challenge to demonstrate a concrete business return. Employers need to know that worksite awareness and education programs can be very effective in engaging people at the earliest stages of their Rx use and in a non-threatening way, steer them to safe alternatives. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has laid out criteria and guidelines for evidence-based programs that produce positive outcomes; if properly implemented at the worksite, these programs have the potential to effectively educate a sizeable portion of at-risk employees who are otherwise hard to identify, let alone reach.”
Dr. Bennett is a widely sought-after speaker, consultant, and source on issues pertaining to evidence-based wellness. He has also published in a broad variety of academic, industry and business publications and consults internationally.
Contact: Charles Epstein,

Why All Workplaces Need an Onsite Coach/Psychologist
Michael Klein, PsyD
Psychologist, Principal
MK Insights LLC
“The key to staying on track at work is managing internal roadblocks and reacting thoughtfully to external ones. While a few industries understand the benefit to the bottom line in having highly trained, in-house coaches and advisors available, most haven’t caught on yet. This is not about providing therapy at work but, rather, applying sound psychological insights and tools to help successful (and often narcissistic or sociopathic) leaders perform at peak capacity based on their own need to do well and manage critical blindspots.”
Dr. Klein is available to speak about the use of in-house psychiatrists and psychologists as consultants when a deeper understanding of mental health and personality is required. As a psychologist, he can address how personality, emotional intelligence, and motivators impact decision-making, management style, and potential “de-railing” behaviors. He is the author of “Trapped in the Family Business: A practical guide to understanding and managing this hidden dilemma,” and is approaching 20 years of experience as a human resources professional, psychologist, and organizational consultant.

AI and Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
Martin Hedlund
Chief Technology Officer
“The concept of AI and machine learning has the potential to change the game of medical imaging. We can train neural networks with much more data than humans experience during a lifetime. This means that we can reproduce the competence of the best experts, or even outperform them! We can guarantee reproducibility in exams and diagnosis, and avoid human subjectivity and variations. With active learning models, results can continuously be improved. With better ground truth, i.e. data from different sources, time or outcome, AI can make better predictions, solve more complex tasks and make new discoveries.”
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Hedlund is the chief technology officer and one of the founders of ContextVision. He finished his M.Sc. degree of Technology followed by further studies and research in image processing and GOP theory at Linköping University. He was R&D and site manager in Linköping until 1999 and has since served as CTO by focusing on strategic product and business development. Hedlund is spearheading the research and development of ContextVision’s first AI-based imaging technology. By using algorithms, the product will be able to evaluate and enhance image quality automatically without the direct involvement of a clinical expert. This will improve workflow and improve diagnosis, and ultimately aid both patients and radiologists.
Contact: Stephanie Ross,



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