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  • PTSD Awareness and Treatment
  • Americans Not Properly Prepared for Natural Disaster
  • How to Use Fidget Spinners to Keep Your Kids Focused This Summer
  • Millennial Women Struggling More Than Their Mothers Did


  • Technology Reporter – Dow Jones (CA)
  • Staff Writer – Central Banking Publications (London/NY)
  • Reporter, International Terrorism and Extremist Movements – Wall Street Journal (DC)


  • 5 Camera-Bag Essentials Every New Photographer Should Own
  • Successful Women in PR: Leaning In & Climbing Up
  • Blog Profiles: Music Festival Blogs



PTSD Awareness and Treatment
Richard Shane, Ph.D.
Sleep Easily
June is PTSD Awareness Month, culminating on June 27 with PTSD Awareness Day. Sponsored by The National Center for PTSD, they promote awareness of PTSD and effective treatments throughout the year. Says Dr. Shane: “Patients often try to initially calm PTSD in their thoughts and emotions. I’ve seen better results showing PTSD sufferers how to initially calm their body tension, which helps calm their mind and emotions.”
Dr. Shane is a sleep expert and psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in a clinical sleep practice setting. This practice gave him expert awareness of PTSD, a common cause of insomnia. Author of “Sleep Easily Method Sleepguide,” Dr. Shane can comment on sleep awareness, PTSD, stress and sleep-related articles.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Mary Cochran,

Americans Not Properly Prepared for Natural Disaster
Nicolette Louissaint, Ph.D.
Interim Executive Director
Healthcare Ready
“With the Atlantic hurricane season officially in full swing and predicted to be a busier than usual one (estimating up to nine hurricanes), it is important to share key information that can help those communities and people most vulnerable to a sudden impact from a natural disaster to be prepared and find ways to protect their and their families’ heath. Natural disasters do not provide ample lead time, so it is important to take steps to prepare now.”
To take the pulse of American’s level of preparedness and confidence in the face of a natural disaster, Healthcare Ready worked with YouGov to conduct a poll of 1,184 Americans. Overall, the findings showed that the second year in a row, the potential of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or wildfire affecting their community as the greatest single disaster individuals are concerned about. America’s concern about natural disasters (34%) continues to exceed worry about terrorist attacks (15%), cyber-attacks (6%), or environmental disasters (6%) combined. Based in Washington, D.C., Louissaint is available to speak on the impact of the survey findings and the importance of building community resilience before, during and after natural disasters and emergency events.
Contact: Saara Khadir,

How to Use Fidget Spinners to Keep Your Kids Focused This Summer
Kimberly Stone
Education Professor
Argosy University, Hawaii
“If your child is having a hard time understanding appropriate actions, use the fidget spinner as a teaching tool. Perhaps the child wants to play with it all the time — after all, it is a fun new toy. Make sure to help your child understand times that it is useful. Perhaps, at dinner waiting on service it is okay — but show the child how there is a need to put it away to order and talk to people.”
Contact: Carole Carr,

Millennial Women Struggling More Than Their Mothers Did
Pavlina Osta
Millennial Social Commentator
Millennial women are worse off than those of the Baby Boomer generation in terms of economic equality, health, and overall well-being, according to a new report by the Population Reference Bureau. Some of the report’s findings: 1) There’s been a 37% rise in the poverty rate among Millennial and Generation X women; 2) one in four workers in high-paying STEM fields were women in Generation X, but only one in five were Millennial women; 3) the suicide rate for young women in the Millennial generation has increased to 6.3 per 100,000, compared to 4.4 per 100,000 in Generation X. Says Osta: “Social media gives young girls unrealistic images of themselves, which are the root of a whole lot of problems. Even with this new wave of feminism, so many women are still feeling unempowered. In certain industries, it amazes me how women are still the minority and aren’t being treated the same.”
Osta is a sought-after Millennial social commentator booked to share her “keep it real” view on all things politics or pop culture. Recognized for her swift and fun interviewing style, this radio and talk-show host has been landing her own interviews with the world’s notable superstars, athletes, and newsmakers on and off the red carpet since she was 11.
Contact: Mark Goldman,



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