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  • Stock Market, Financial Planning and Strategic Investments
  • ‘Gainful Employment’ No True Test in Assessing a College


  • Senior Writer / Editor, Money – Consumer Reports
  • Reporter – CapitalStructure Americas
  • Digital News Editor – The Wall Street Journal


  • Top 10 LGBT News Sites for Pride Month (and Beyond)
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Stock Market, Financial Planning and Strategic Investments
Karl Kaufman
Founder and CEO
American Dream Investing
“Too many people blindly hand their hard-earned money over to strangers, trusting investment advisors, hedge fund managers and financial planners to make investment decisions based on their client’s best interests. Is this a good idea or are there other ways to maximize wealth by investing in stocks? No one loves your money more than you. It’s essential for investors to learn how to manage their own investments. Claiming you don’t have the time or interest in managing your investments can result in mediocre or worse returns, and the opportunity costs of not investing wisely can mean delayed financial freedom and independence.”
Kaufman, along with his father Richard, offer advice and ideas at American Dream Investing, their family-owned financial membership service and news publication. American Dream Investing is dedicated to sharing independent and unconventional thoughts on building wealth through the stock market.
Contact: Daniela Papadakis,  

‘Gainful Employment’ No True Test in Assessing a College
Aaron Gottlieb
Bankruptcy Attorney
Godwin Bowman & Martinez, Dallas
Just before it was set to take effect, the Department of Education has stopped the implementation of a rule designed to hold for-profit colleges accountable for marketing claims concerning employment rates for graduates. Had the Borrower Defense to Repayment rule taken effect, for-profit colleges would have had to prove their programs led to the “gainful employment” of graduates or risk the loss of federal aid. Says Gottlieb: “There is no doubt that the student loan bubble may burst in the near future due to the crushing amount of student loan debt. However, some responsibility must still remain with the student loan borrower to carefully choose which colleges and programs to attend. If a for-profit school provides the student an education and degree for which the student paid tuition, then a ‘gainful employment’ requirement following graduation seems to be too broad a brush to wield in determining whether the for-profit school made a material misrepresentation. Several lawsuits have been dismissed over the past five to 10 years on the basis of student borrowers’ reliance on publications which listed inaccurate employment rates of graduates. The courts have consistently considered this information mere ‘puffery,’ rather than any sort of guarantee.”
Contact: Rhonda Reddick,



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  • Senior Writer / Editor, Money – Consumer Reports
  • Reporter – CapitalStructure Americas
  • Digital News Editor – The Wall Street Journal



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