Prime Numbers Technology Launches Prime Services

Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) — — an industry leader in corporate travel analytics and data reporting, launched a new service offering at ProcureCon on May 8th, 2017. This new offering, Prime Services, is an innovative approach to travel management consulting that bridges the gap between analytics and industry acumen.

“When it comes to travel management, there are so many ‘what if’ scenarios,” says PNT Consulting Advisor and 25-year industry veteran Robin Carter. “Data is great for addressing these, but having a strategy alongside data is better. Prime Services allows you to access meaningful, intuitive data that your advisor translates into custom solutions.”

Prime Services leverages our travel data expertise and combines it with travel program expertise. It’s a powerful combination that over-delivers value to the client.

Mark Bresnahan,
Vice President & General Manager, Prime Numbers Technology

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In line with PNT’s holistic approach to travel program management, Prime Services offers a complete portfolio of solutions designed to address a company’s specific needs, including program optimization, strategic air and hotel sourcing, contract optimization, custom analytics, and more.

“Prime Services leverages our travel data expertise and combines it with travel program expertise,” says Mark Bresnahan, Vice President & General Manager of PNT. “It’s a powerful combination that over-delivers value to the client.  Many of our service offerings include access to our analytical tools during and after the initial engagement.  This allows our clients to continuously monitor the success of their program in real-time.”

Empowered by PNT’s dynamic analytical tools, Prime Analytics & Prime Sourcing, a Prime Services Consulting Advisor identifies savings opportunities and develops strategies to ensure individual programs reach full potential.   

About PNT: Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is dedicated to helping clients drive significant savings in business spend through industry-leading data analysis, contract and spend optimization, and benchmarking solutions. PNT is in continuous development for a comprehensive suite of solutions, including data analytics and benchmarking, policy management, spend optimization, contract and vendor sourcing analysis, and ROI maximization. PNT’s solutions are licensed by some of the most recognized names in business travel, with global representation by many Fortune 250 corporations and top 10 travel management companies.

Press Contact:
Mark Bresnahan
Vice President & General Manager
Prime Numbers Technology
Office: +1 (508) 906-1926

Prime Services Contact:
Robin Carter
Consulting Advisor
Office: +1 (508) 906-1928
Prime Numbers Technology

Source: Prime Numbers Technology