Power Temp Systems, Inc. Flips I-Line Panel Industry on Its Head With Launch of Their Revolutionary I-Line Panel Design

Houston, June 22, 2017: Power Temp Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of their newly designed I-Line panel. The new design solves several issues I-Line panel users face daily and increases safety.

The redesigned features include:

“Each of the redesigned elements solves a specific issue our clients face when using I-Line panels. We literally took our I-Line panel and flipped it on its head.”

Kent McLemore, Head of Product Development

• Inverted interior allows more room in the bottom for cable access, moves the large breakers to the right side and allows the dead-front to close over P Frame breakers.
• Power Input Panel is mounted on the back, with separate pad-lockable doors for the 45 degree cam-lok with flip covers and the “Smart Lugs” for hardwiring.
• Adjustable back plate allows for flexibility of using all variations of I-Line breakers.

“Each of the redesigned elements solves a specific issue our clients face when using I-Line panels,” noted Kent McLemore, head of product development. The flip cover cam-lock inputs are mounted at a 45° angle which is not only a more ergonomic angle for connecting feeder cables, but also allows the feeder cables to lay closer to the panel, reducing the overall depth of the panel while in use and also reducing stress on the cam-lok connection. By reducing the footprint of the panel while in use, tripping hazards are also reduced.

The new panel design also features Power Temp System’s patent pending Smart-Lug hardwire inputs. “Our Smart Lugs are mechanical compression lugs with a hex head. They feature a spinning tip that stays in place as cable is compressed which prevents twisting and knurling the wire. It also allows for more torque and the use of eyelets or crimp on terminals,” explained McLemore.

But perhaps the most revolutionary advancement is the inverted interior. “We literally took our I-Line panel and flipped it on its head,” said McLemore. By doing this, Power Temp Systems has solved the age-old issue of hardwire output wiring accessibility and also eliminates the problems associated with hinged dead fronts closing over the large amperage breakers.

More information about this product can be found here: http://powertemp.com/product/i-line-panels

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