Podomatic Helps Dads Share Their Wisdom Of Fatherhood Via Podcasts

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2017 — Podomatic helps fathers share their wisdom and experiences through podcasts.

Podomatic, a podcast hosting company and the largest community of independent podcasters, is celebrating Fathers’ Day by encouraging dads to share their fatherhood experiences through podcasts.

Gaining and Sharing the Wit and Wisdom of Fatherhood

Every year we celebrate Father’s Day, tipping our hats to dads. They enrich our lives with strong words, giant hugs and silly jokes! The world however, is undergoing a subtle change; from soft and tender mothers to strong and powerful ones. With that, the other change is in the fathers; from being obligated to be the strong, we are now accepting fatherhood in all its colors. Soft and gentle, strict and protective, playful and funny… While the world is filled with advice for women on becoming mothers, the waters run a little shallow when it comes to daddy-hood advice. But it’s never too late to make a start on passing a good word around! Podcasts are most suited for this.  

  1. What To Put Out There: practically anything!  A funny anecdote about your toddler, a quick fix for a common problem that worked for you or your concern about the world and how you feel about bringing a child into it. A dad’s viewpoint has seldom been explored so say what you’ve got on your mind.
  2. What Do Podcasts Do For Dads: honestly, they give you a community. A support group of people from around the world that are going through the same things that you are or have already been there, done that.  You may be a first time dad who needs advice with a teenage son. Or a dad who has aced the art of punishing kids without becoming the hated parent!  It’s a community to back you up when you need it.

Make your voice heard and spread the word with a podcast;  from funny stories to dads watching out for their kids, the world is eagerly waiting to hear your side of the story in a podcast!

Podomatic provides podcast publishing and hosting services. The world’s largest community of independent podcasters, Podomatic’s core mission is to build the best tools to help podcasters succeed. For more information, visit  www.podomatic.com.


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