Planning a Summer Road Trip? Here’s How to Have a Smooth Ride

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., June 22, 2017 — To make the most out of your summer road trip, you should be prepared before you hit the road to prevent problems once you’re far from home. Here are five tips from the Service Contract Industry Council and Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association for a smooth ride during your road trip:

1. Invest in a service contract. Road trips take a toll on your car. With a vehicle service contract, you can make sure your car gets the service it needs without breaking the bank.

2. Carry the right documents. Make sure you’re carrying up-to-date driving documents including proof of car insurance, vehicle registration, and your driver’s license.

3. Pack a safety kit! Even the smallest issues can cause a big inconvenience, so make sure to have some handy tools ready to go. Some emergency safety kit essentials are:

– first aid kit
– jumper cables
– flashlight
– road flares
– duct tape
– fire extinguisher

4. Download a gas station locator. When traveling long distances, gas stations can be scarce – and the last thing you want is to be stranded in some remote location. Apps such as Waze or GasBuddy can help you find stations along your route, so you always know where you can make a stop.

5. Make sure your tires are protected. Tire blowouts are more common with higher summer temperatures and increased travel. Help safeguard against tire trouble withtire & wheel road hazard coverage. You’ll be able to get your tires repaired or replaced after damage from hazards like potholes or debris.

Road trips are as much about the drive as they are about the destination. These tips provide both proactive and reactive ways to protect yourself and your car. Use these tips to make sure your summer road trip – and your car – are in shape to create only happy memories.

The Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) is a national trade association that works with lawmakers across the country to develop fair and uniform regulation of the service contract industry. The Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association (MVPPA) works to solidify the regulatory status of and educate consumers about motor vehicle protection products. To learn more about vehicle service contracts and protection products, visit and

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