PIN GENIE Inc. launches a new version of PIN Genie Locker mobile app

Tech startup, PIN GENIE Inc. has officially announced the launch of its popular screenlock and applock app on Google Play with new features to boost efficiency and enhance security

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2017 — PIN Genie Inc. has recently announced an upgrade to its famous mobile app – the PIN Genie Locker, with the latest version, PIN Genie Locker V2.0.5, available for download on Google Play. The latest version of the app comes with exciting new features, designed to enhance the safety and security of android mobile devices while improving the efficiency of the app.

PIN Genie Locker V2.0.5, which is the latest version of the app launched on Google Play, has been fortified with exciting new features to improve user-experience and security of the device. One of the new features is the introduction of a special method for unlocking the app, which is available on the magic feature.

The app has also been improved to have a quicker unlock time of 0.02 seconds, probably the fastest around. Other features added to the app include an enhanced weather report, with a 48-hour weather forecast, daily morning weather notification, and 7-day weather outlook.

PIN Genie locker is popular amongst users of devices running on the android operating system. It is currently the highest rated locker app on Google Play with an average rating of 4.6. It also ranks as one of the top 10 personalization apps and top 10 utility apps on Google Play.

The app with its amazing features ensures that the content of the device such as messages, apps, photos and other such apps are safe from intrusions of unpermitted persons.

The patented PIN pad of the app is unique and completely prevents anyone from seeing your PIN, even if you are being watched while you input it. The app also comes with an intruder selfie function that snaps the photo of any unauthorized persons trying to gain entry into the device or contents of the device, subsequently alerting the owner of the device on the next log in.

One of the major features of the app is the screen lock that ensures the phone is safe from intruders. The function features a patented PIN pad screen-lock, with a magic PIN padlock for the screen, using four sleek buttons.

The Applock function of the app protects the apps in the phone from unauthorized persons. This ensures apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, photos, and bank apps to remain private. The applock is also designed to alert the owner of the device in case anyone tries to unlock the app without authorization.

The PIN Genie app also comes with an intruder selfie feature that protects confidential data from intruders trying to pry into personal data of the owner of the device. The app captures the face of the intruder and subsequently sends an alert to the owner of the device on the next log in, when an incorrect PIN code is entered.

More than just a safety and security app, PIN Genie locker can be personalized with free HD wallpapers for the lockscreen, and beautiful themes for the Applock, with new themes and wallpapers added regularly by the developers.

Users of the app can also benefit from getting real-time weather information from the weather report feature of the app. This allows users to check accurate weather information on their lockscreen.

Other amazing features of the app include secure option that disables the phone for thirty seconds after three incorrect PIN entries, multiple unlock options with users being able to choose between the PIN Genie PIN pad, traditional PIN pad, and pattern PIN pad or fingerprint on Samsung Smart Phones options.

The pin pattern lock otherwise known as the magic PIN pad is one unique feature of the app that allows users to set password as 1234. The steps for using are highlighted below:

  1. Press any button with the number ‘1’
  2. Press any button with the number ‘2’
  3. Follow the same step to find out ‘3’ and ‘4’
  4. Kindly note that if any number of the password appears on two or more buttons, any of the buttons can be pressed. Also, if any button has two or three numbers of the password combination, the same button can be pressed.

The app is lightweight, consuming little space on the device and allowing for easy and fast installation and update.

Like other security apps, PIN Genie Locker requires the permission of the camera, GPS and Wi-Fi, notifications, contacts and SMS, and usage access. This is to ensure the effective and smooth running of the app.

The magic PIN pad is one of the amazing features of the app and thanks to the user-friendly interface of PIN Genie locker; users can easily navigate and use the feature in four simple steps. Users that forget their password can still unlock their device by answering the security question, checking for the security email, emailing the Pin Genie team.

The app is available for free on Google Play and is compatible with devices running on the android 4.0.3 operating system and above.

About PIN GENIE Inc.

PIN Genie Inc. is a tech startup established in 2014. Founded in Silicon Valley, the team comprises of experts specialized in the development of electronic hardware and security software. One of the most popular products from the IT startup is the PIN Genie locker that has been taking the world of mobile app and phone lock by storm. Other products from PIN Genie Inc. include PIN Genie Vault and PIN Genie Smart Lock.

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