PhaZZer Introduces Safer Credible Alternative Taser With the Enforcer II Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW)

PhaZZer Enforcer II Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) is a “Safer Credible Alternative” to other Taser Series CEWs. PhaZZer believes the recent Omaha Taser related death could have possibly been prevented with PhaZZer’s Safety Shut-Down Technology.

PhaZZer Electronics Inc. has developed a Safer Credible Alternative CEW (Conducted Energy Weapon) with the PhaZZer Enforcer II. In a side by side comparison between the PhaZZer Enforcer II and the Taser® X26 as outlined at the comparison highlights the PhaZZer Enforcer II with simplicity, ease of use and control, special safety shut down technology and most importantly, no deaths on record to-date.

PhaZZer’s safety shut down technology (which is a built in feature of all PhaZZer Enforcer II CEWs) has been developed in accordance with the Department of Justice, American Heart Association, and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. All three agencies recommend that a 15 second exposure (three 5 second cycles) is the maximum amount of time a person should be exposed to a CEW in a 24 hour period.

PhaZZer strongly believes that safety and preservation of life is an intrigue part of the development of the Enforcer II Series. PhaZZer also believes that fair competition in the market is advantageous to all parties involved as it encourages companies to make safer, better and more competitively priced products.

Phazzer is a privately held, veteran-owned company originating in the Midwestern United States that distributes CEWs, cross-compatible ammunition, holsters and accessories including DVR and surveillance devices for the military, law enforcement, security and civilian markets in the United States.

Press Contact: Brandon F. Womack, Executive Vice President 1-855-742-9937 ext. 5