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An increasing need for providing industrial process equipment design and engineering has brought about, a revolution in service industry across India. Oswal Infrastructure Ltd has been one of the leading players in this segment, globally. Oswal Infrastructure has served a clientèle comprising of ONGC, UOP, Cairn India Limited and Sandvik, being a few among many which only proves its expanding horizons of working in the fields of oil and gas, power, chemical, refineries, steel and fertilizers’ plants. With international offices in France, Japan, Algeria, Malaysia and Nigeria, Oswal has a legacy of assuring quality with commitment in all our products and services. Possessing a vision to be respected globally for providing world class engineering and automation solutions; Oswal has always been a step forward with accreditions of internationally recognized bodies such as ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ISO 9001:2008 certificate by TUV Nord Germany, and many others, alike.

With “Design, Build & Install” process skids and packages; the company delivers as a complete technology based solution provider, globally. Its products include process equipment, process skids and process packages.

Concept to Commissioning Services

Ratan Bokadia,

Process equipment are designed, engineered and manufactured into two, coded and non-coded equipments for oil & gas, petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers, power and steel sector, which include pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers, distillation columns, reactors, filters, flare stacks and other critical process equipment.

Process skid packages are manufactured in such a way that they reduce project lead time, site work and commission plant on fast-track basis as they allow process equipments to be assembled on a pre-fabricated base and ready-to-be-mounted over frames or skid structures.

Oswal offers gas pressure reducing ET metering skids, gas conditioning skids, two phase / three phase separator skids, chemical injection and dozing skids, lube oil skids, fuel forwarding skids, condensate recovery skid, manifold skids, valve stations launching and receiving traps and other customized process skids. The company also delivers complete process package such as instrument and service air package, water treatment package, diesel oil package, nitrogen production package, and hydrogen production package, early production facilities / quick production set-ups and VRU gas compressor package.

One of the successful projects include the ONGC Petronet additions Ltd, in which Oswal facilitated the plant with site fabrication and erection of above ground carbon steel piping from 2” to 14” for offsite and utility project under Fernas Constructions Pvt. Ltd, in Dahej, Gujarat.

About Oswal Infrastructure Limited:

Oswal Infrastructure Limited is a company which has been established with a vision to contribute optimally to the infrastructure development in India. ‘OSWAL Infrastructure Limited’, an industrial conglomerate has managed to connect bridges both nationally and internationally with varied and enriched experience, its products and services. “OSWAL Infra” has primary products and services, high-quality process equipment and process skids with complete automation for both domestic and international markets. The company is widely recognized for developing innovative technology driven solutions for customers.

Website: http://www.oswalinfra.com/