Now You Can Leverage the World’s Brain Power

WorldWisePeople, LLC has opened up its idea-crowdsourcing platform, iAmSapien, to the public. People can now collaborate on their ideas and take their plans all the way to action on the world wide web. This is the first, global, effort to crowdsource wisdom from around the world for action on any issue.

What would happen if millions of people collaborated to build a better mouse trap and even a better planet? This new platform technology will enhance society’s collective brain power. At 2.2 billion megaflops per second per mind, that’s a lot of brain power. There must be a way to tap into this power. WorldWisePeople has a mission to do just that and places the public at the helm.

Beginning 2014 a team was assembled to explore the possibility that a web platform would allow people to think together, linking together their ideas, resources, and plans. More than talk, a place to collaborate to use intelligence for positive action. This is possible because of a “matrix” solution to process complex information.

The magic is to ask anything of the collective consciousness. Then the “matrix” will present the best ideas from the collective. In the final step, the collective consciousness is crowd-sourced for the best plan of action. The matrix will associate the best people and answers to get the job done.

Crowdsourcing demonstrates it does this sort of thing very well. The website will source billions of internet users to ask the world to solve our problems. In a novel approach, it puts people at the helm by crowdsourcing the platform itself.

For the beta launch, free and unlimited use until the official launch of the platform. for beta signup. To just try it out for yourself:

Business members function just like personal memberships. This is important. Products, services, events (and maybe sometimes government) are the peak manifestations of our societal intelligence.

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Robert Swanson, Member/Owner  

Source: World Wise People, LLC