NEXT Trucking Launches ecommerce Fulfillment Program to Provide International Freight Forwarding Savings

LYNWOOD, Calif., June 14, 2017 — NEXT Trucking, an elite mobile on-demand freight shipping platform, launched their ecommerce fulfillment program today. This exciting new venture leverages partnerships and provides significant savings for international shipping. Traditionally, small to medium vendors have relied on airfreight to send goods internationally for storage, deconsolidation, and ecommerce fulfillment. NEXT Trucking is streamlining that process by collaborating with cargo service providers and US warehousing locations. This complete one-stop-shop logistics solution can service freight forwarders that use vendors such as Amazon.

CargoPM, China’s leading international logistics services provider, now exclusively uses NEXT Trucking as their over-the-road online trucking application to book loads on lanes to distribution centers. They will take advantage of up to 50% savings on shipping through this partnership with NEXT. In return, CargoPM is able to provide LCL to all sizes of retail overseas providers.

“Our partnership with CargoPM and leading ecommerce Fulfillment companies will help shippers and distributors save on their freight forwarding efforts,” said Lidia Yan, CEO of NEXT Trucking. “We are also very excited for our elite team of independent drivers on the NEXT Trucking app to have more loads to choose from with our proprietary Book It! function.”

The new program process starts with CargoPM shipping to Los Angeles area ports; NEXT Trucking then moves the freight to partner warehouses that provide:

  • Custom clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Trans-loading
  • De-consolidation
  • Pick & Pack
  • Palletizing & Labeling
  • FBA delivery
  • and more

“Partnering with NEXT Trucking is a big leap forward for the cross-border ecommerce industry,” said Ken Chen, founding partner of CargoPM. “We are China’s leading international logistics platform, and this partnership with NEXT Trucking gives us an unparalleled advantage over rivals in the foreseeable future.”

NEXT Trucking’s unique trucking marketplace seamlessly connects shippers and carriers. The easy-to-use mobile app and web solution allow shippers to connect with carriers that matches their needs allowing both parties to enjoy full transparency in the transaction and shippers to get a competitive price and fast delivery.

CargoPM is China’s leading international logistics services provider. It aims to link ecommerce shippers, international freight forwarders, carriers, and various logistics service providers creating an EPM platform where all parties collaborate to fulfil shipments from start to finish.


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