New Sleeping Bag Sleeve Made by OFFIS Textile Reduces Dramatically the Risk of Mosquito Bites

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The new OFFIS Textile Sleeping Bag Sleeve has been launched with the aim to produce an item which is used in wet conditions, especially high-flood areas where many insects are widespread. Most of serious fever diseases such Yellow fever, Malaria, Zika virus and more are transmitted by insects.  Mosquitoes are the most dangerous.

The new sleeping bag offers the following features:

  • The 240cm x 80cm sleeping bag features the use of a Vector protection finish developed by OFFIS Textile.
  • Textiles protected by OFFIS anti mosquitoes finish show a powerful reduction of mosquitoes landing and biting as well effectiveness against dust mites, ticks and bed bugs.
  • The sleeping bag finish is highly stable to repeated washing.
  • The sleeping bag is compliant with Oeko-tex standard and SVHC regulations and is manufactured with substances that are safe for all use, including children.
  • The OFFIS finish is dermatological tested and is non-irritant to allergic persons.

The OFFIS Sleeping Bag Sleeve has been developed primarily for the use of travels, government security forces and for camping and sport activities.

A video of the product is available here:

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