New, Online Service for Buying Defensive Handgun Ammunition

COLUMBIA, S.C., Aug. 21, 2017 — Legally-armed citizens across the country can find the price and availability of their preferred defensive handgun ammunition with the new online service.  Using a computer or phone, shooters can simply select a handgun caliber, projectile weight in grains, and specific manufacturer – or range of bullet weights and manufactures – and AmmoDigger’s technology will efficiently list available pricing and availability options.  They can click through to online ammunition outlets, sporting goods stores, outdoor activity retail establishments, or even online warehouse discounters for fast ordering.

“Legally-armed citizen shooters have consistently told us that they use online reviews (both technical and informal) to define and narrow their choices for effective defensive handgun ammunition,” notes Kevin Howell, Managing Director of  “Once their screen-time research is complete, they then want to purchase that specific ammunition for testing in their own firearms.  They ask for online ordering without distraction, hype, any of the various kinds of commercial nonsense or technical hang-ups you might find with older ammunition listing services.  They told us what features they wanted in a comparative pricing site such as  In essence, shooters want clean, direct efficiency in ordering ammunition.  We heard them – and that’s exactly what we provided when we created” focuses on defensive ammunition for use in handguns used by legally armed citizens or law enforcement organizations or individuals. 

Kevin Howell further remarks, “We didn’t dilute our intent nor insert a lot of clutter to complicate how a user might navigate our website.  As such, we stayed away from rifle stocks, earplugs, magazines or ammunition for purposes other than self-defense with handguns. 

We believe in the process shooters described to us: do your online research at an informational site like Lucky Gunner Labs, come to and punch in your ammunition preferences and parameters, click through to get your best deal, place a secure order, and when shipping is complete, test your purchase at a well-organized range.”

Those seeking defensive ammunition in popular handgun calibers can find online technology that both lists availability and to links to an ordering source – at


AmmoDigger is a privately-held technology and marketing corporation comprised of a collective of talented professionals of inventive nature.  AmmoDigger is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina.

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