New Developing Residency in Clinical Electrophysiology Recognized

Hector Melgar, Physical Therapist from Brentwood, NY joined Hands-On Diagnostics in 2014 in order for him to learn and apply in his physical therapy practice electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS).  EMG/NCS studies are extremely helpful in a physical therapy setting to accurately identify the source of the problem and design the best treatment plan.  Hector, who later became Board Certified in clinical electrophysiology had to perform more than 500 patient studies, spend over 2000 hours in this area before he was able to sit for a high competency board certification examination.

Hands-On Diagnostics, a national franchise based out of Astoria, NY, helps physical therapists around the country establish a variety of diagnostic tests in their facilities. Hands-On Diagnostics, recently filed an application with the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education for the establishment of a residency program in clinical electrophysiology.  Nathan Shields, Physical Therapist from Alaska is also a member of the franchise group who will be joining the residency program once it gets its final approval.  The completion of the residency program will help him meet the exam candidacy requirements and allow him to sit for the board certification exam in as little as 18 months from the start of the program.

We now have a very clear and precise path for therapists to achieve board certification in clinical electrophysiology testing

Mark Brooks,
VP of Clinical Education

“The establishment of this residency program will make a huge difference for the Physical Therapy profession” said Dr Dimitrios Kostopoulos director of the program.

  Mark Brooks, vice president of clinical education indicated that “we now have a very clear and precise path for therapists to achieve board certification in clinical electrophysiology testing” 

Implementation of diagnostic testing in physical therapy facilities offers a new paradigm for physical therapy practice leading to professional autonomy and a viable path to greater financial independence.

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Source: Hands-On Diagnostics