MTI Wireless Edge Announcing New 3.5 GHz Dual Polarization OMNI Antenna for Outdoor Fixed LTE Applications

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 13, 2017

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd., the developer of high quality cost effective antenna solutions for Wireless Network applications, is proud to announce the first release of a number of new high performance antennas catering to changing customer demands.

Wireless networking operators (WISPs) are moving more and more from single polarization antennas to MIMO (multiple in and multiple out) systems. The latest addition to this trend is the introduction of MTI’s MT-382002/NVH, 3.5-3.8 GHz, 10 dBi Dual Polarization OMNI-Directional antenna. MTI will introduce similar OMNI antennas in the 5.8 and 2.5 GHz frequency domains shortly.

Those new OMNI antennas offer superior performance and coverage thanks to their high gain, small size, low ripple, high port to port isolation and IP67 ingress protection at a very attractive cost.

This new type of OMNI-Directional antennas are ideally suited to support MTI customers who wish to offer cost effective small BTS stations for Fixed LTE without the overhead of multiple radios and BTS antennas required for standard broadband wireless base stations. Furthermore, those OMNI antennas are supporting increased throughput and non-line of sight connections thanks to spatial diversity.

Dov Feiner, CEO & President, MTI Wireless Edge Ltd said, “We are very excited with our new OMNI-Directional antennas. Our new OMNI-Directional antennas prove to be very attractive to our customers offering better connectivity in urban areas and offering higher throughput.”

MTI has already shipped this new Dual Polarization Omni-directional antenna and expects to ship thousands to several large customers.

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