Matheson Flight Extenders Awarded Rochester, NY by USPS for Airport Terminal Handling Services, Raising Total Cities Served to 27 in 22 States

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc. (MFE) announced today that is has been awarded Rochester, NY, as the designated provider of airport terminal handling services (THS) by the United States Postal Service.

MFE offers specialized hauling, time sensitive material handling and transportation, as well as underwing operations and THS at 27 airports in 22 states nationwide.

“Successfully bidding and being awarded the Rochester site solidifies our growth and provides a basis for future opportunities,” said Charles Mellor, chief operating officer. “It also represents evidence of our commitment to provide a superior level of service and support to USPS based on our track record in other U.S. Postal Service contract areas.”

Mellor said Matheson’s management team in Sacramento continues to aggressively look for expansion opportunities in all of its existing entities as well as at other U.S. airport locations.

The Rochester award was issued on May 18, 2017 and covers a five-year base period starting in June. It includes an option to extend this agreement for a single, two-year period through 2024 at USPS discretion. The same terms apply to the following awards.

On September 28, 2016, the company also received USPS awards for six new metropolitan area airports, including Charlotte, NC; Hartford, CT; Kansas City, MO; Oakland, CA; Raleigh, NC, and Richmond, VA. These locations bring Matheson’s new market acquisition total to seven in the past 10 months, representing 26% growth in less than a year. 

In last September’s USPS announcement, the company also received USPS market renewal awards for its THS operations in Anchorage, AK; Las Vegas, NV; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR, and Sacramento, CA, according to Julie Taylor-Perdun, director of contracting at Matheson.

Tim Noel, director of flight operations, said: “We’re excited about being in Upstate New York. Our THS operation in the Greater Rochester International Airport enables us to demonstrate our ability to cope with large volumes of mail between major cities in one of the most populous states of the country. We expect to be fully staffed and up and running in Rochester by our start date on June 26.”

The Rochester THS location will handle USPS mail in the immediate area as well as to and from Syracuse and Buffalo. It joins another Matheson THS operation in Hartford, CT, increasing the company’s presence in New England.

About Matheson, Inc.

Matheson is a privately-held, family owned and operated company with headquarters in Sacramento, California. The company traces its roots to 1962 when Robert and Carole Matheson founded R. B. Matheson Trucking, Inc. in Clayton, California. Today the firm manages a fleet of tractors, trailers, and aircraft ground support equipment, as well as maintenance facilities throughout the U.S. The company is a diversified national transportation carrier proudly serving the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1964. Matheson offers specialized hauling, time sensitive material handling and transportation, underwing airport operations, and terminal handling services (THS). As a business partner of the USPS, Matheson is committed to the belief that service must be reliable and convenient, and must improve continuously. The company takes pride in the fact that its service is consistently at or above the 99% performance level.


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