MarketBridge Releases Stringer™ for Salesforce

​​​​​​​​​​MarketBridge today announced the general release of Stringer for Salesforce. Stringer customer intelligence technology has been deployed at over 20 Fortune 1000 clients and is now available inside Salesforce to optimize the CRM workflow by automating and simplifying customer research.

“MarketBridge is excited to scale what used to be custom technology in a way that combines Salesforce with other key data and content investments,” said Tim Furey, CEO and founder, MarketBridge. “Customers no longer interact solely with sales people to make buying decisions. Using the data from various buyer interactions, we deliver insight and recommendations into the hands of sales reps to make the conversation more relevant.”

The fact that this solution helps salespeople literally map out their day and keeps them focused on high propensity to buy contacts is a game-changer.

Peter Guy,
SVP Product, MarketBridge

Stringer for Salesforce strings together data from Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, content management systems and internal/external data sources, to offer prescriptive insights and alert sales teams on ready-to-buy contacts. The solutions capabilities center around an intelligent workflow that prioritizes contacts and recommends relevant content that can be shared via a one-click email workflow.​

“Our strong suit in this product is the ability to give sales teams data-driven guidance on what to do next. The ‘Stringer Recommends’ features alert your reps on their top contacts, who to follow up with and which contacts need immediate attention, all within the rep’s homepage in Salesforce,” said Peter Guy, sr. VP of products, MarketBridge. “When we showed this functionality to our own Salesforce admin, she was visibly excited. The fact that this solution helps salespeople literally map out their day and keeps them focused on high propensity to buy contacts is a game-changer.”

Key benefits of Stringer for Salesforce:

  • Streamlines workflow and reduces time spent researching: Built inside an existing CRM workflow, Stringer for Salesforce features, including contact scoring, 360 degree profiles and recommended content, reduce time spent and number of tech tools needed to prepare for outreach.
  • Improves ability to cross-sell and upsell: Stringer for Salesforce combines key customer data, such as purchase history, product usage, support history and more, to direct sales teams on who to go after for more effective cross-sell and upsell plays.

“We believe cross-selling, upselling and retention is becoming more important each year as Gartner reports that 80% of each company’s future revenue will come from 20% of existing customers,” said Jason Robinson, sr. VP of sales, MarketBridge.

  • Expands capacity and coverage: Stringer for Salesforce allows reps to expand their coverage to go after more accounts by prioritizing who is most likely to buy across their entire territory.

“As businesses look to increase ROI in conjunction with the need to meet greater revenue targets in 2017, many executives are asking themselves how they can go after more accounts – is it expanding their sales team or increasing sales productivity? Our assumption is that a rep with over 200 accounts is only targeting the top 10% of their accounts due to time constraints. Our solution solves the productivity problem,” said Tim Furey, CEO and founder, MarketBridge.

  • Increases ROI of existing sales and marketing technology: Stringer for Salesforce is not just another app – instead, it brings together existing sales and marketing investments to gather intelligence, and in turn enhances their value and drives greater ROI.

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