Major European Bank PKO BANK POLSKI’s Testing Coinfirms Blockchain Platform

PKO BANK POLSKI’s testing of trudatum marks another notch in blockchain growth within financial institutions. A provenance and verification platform for any type of data, document or file, “trudatum” is the latest blockchain solution from the creator of the Blockchain AML & Analytics Platform, Coinfirm. A recognized leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain compliance, big data analytics, and regtech, Coinfirm has been working hand in hand with PKO BANK POLSKI along with MIT’s Enterprise Forum for a few months on the adoption of trudatum within PKO BANK POLSKI’s operations and now the bank has begun to officially test the platform.

Known as one of the more technologically advanced financial and banking markets in the world, Poland hasn’t had much traction in major banks investing in or adopting blockchain technology until PKO BANK POLSKI and Coinfirm came together. Now PKO BANK POLSKI stands to continue its legacy in the financial industry while placing itself as one of the innovative financial institutions in the world actually working on adopting concrete blockchain technology and solutions.

“…further bringing blockchain into major players and financial institutions.”

Pawel Kuskowski, Co Founder and CEO of Coinfirm

“We’re extremely proud and excited to be working with PKO BANK POLSKI on further bringing blockchain into major players and financial institutions. With trudatum we couldn’t ask for a better partner to begin with in the financial industry and they have been great with their approach in addressing blockchain and this unique opportunity. We see it as the beginning of a fruitful relationship between us and look forward to helping them plant their flag as a global leader in blockchain adoption among major banks,” said Coinfirm CEO and Co-Founder Pawel Kuskowski.

trudatum was developed by Coinfirm to provide financial institutions, insurance companies, corporates, and SMEs an easy to adopt and use solution for the registration and verification of data and is delivering a new standard of assurance, efficiency, security and user friendliness on the market. Now, PKO BANK POLSKI has the potential to significantly streamline and secure internal and external processes while providing a new sense of trust and security for their clients and partners.

Current solutions related to data and ownership provenance and verification are expensive, inefficient, have vulnerable security and are complicated to adopt and use. trudatum improves these aspects while also providing a superior and cryptographically secured digital signature capability. Coinfirm’s new solution brings a new era to data, document and file trust that can further help companies secure their data and reduce costs and risk.

With PKO BANK POLSKI on board, this marks another larger and more traditional player Coinfirm is bringing into the blockchain ecosystem through their array of solutions. The two leaders in their respective fields working together marks another advancement in the further institutional and commercial adoption of blockchain in major financial markets.

Source: Coinfirm