Local Star Rick Chaffin Earns College Basketball Scholarship

Rick Chaffin, from Dallas, TX, has recently been awarded a prestigious basketball scholarship. Uniquely, he did not request for the scholarship, but it was offered to him during his final year in high school. He was contacted by Miami Dade College, whose scout saw Rick Chaffin play in high school and was impressed with his skills and with his grades, where he will now be studying.

His parents say: “Rick is a bit of a local celebrity because his basketball skills are so impressive. However, we have always urged him to focus on his education, telling him that good grades come first. Somehow, he has always managed to do both, and we’re so proud that he has been contacted by Miami Dade College with a full basketball scholarship. He really does us proud.”

Rick Chaffin’s case is quite unique, because competition for basketball scholarships is usually very intense.

“Americans are hooked on basketball and basketball is one of the most played sports in America. This is why gaining a sport scholarship for basketball can be hard due to the high number of applicants. Universities and colleges award basketball scholarships to very talented basketball players, which enables the athlete to participate in collegiate, intercollegiate matches and national championships.”

Yet, rather than having to apply for a scholarship himself, Rick was contacted by the school, offering him a place and a full scholarship. Miami Dade College is very proud of the fact that 93% of its students graduate without any debt at all, which they achieve by offering scholarships, grants, and assistance with financial aid. Nevertheless, the school rarely offers this type of scholarship without someone asking for it, which is a true testament to Rick Chaffin’s talent.

Rick Chaffin instantly accepted the space at Miami Dade College, where he will be studying toward a bachelor’s degree in emergency management.

“The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management is a workforce-driven degree designed with several track options that provide education and training, leading to immediate employment possibilities for students in numerous careers in public safety. This comprehensive curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, analytical, written and oral communications, as well as research skills designed to prepare today’s learners for entry-level, mid-management, and upper level supervisory positions within Public Safety agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ICE, U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Secret Service and others.”

This degree fits in perfectly with Rick’s personal interests, which he has always put first, despite his love for basketball. He says: “Missouri is frequently hit by natural disasters. We have had tornadoes, floods, ice storms, and severe storms. I have grown up with these unfortunate events, and have witnessed the damage they can do to people’s lives and the community as a whole. I am really looking forward to studying toward an emergency management degree, and I already know that I will be taking the Catastrophic Event Response Management concentration.”

Meanwhile, Rick Chaffin continues to play his favorite sport, which is basketball. He is a member of the high school team, and has already started coaching young players at the same time. For him, basketball is his second passion, one that he aims to continue to do for a long time to come. According to his parents: “Rick really feels that he can change the world with basketball by bringing unity to communities. And we are so proud of him.”

In fact, Rick Chaffin himself says he was inspired by the story of the Gainesville police officers who, after receiving a noise complaint about children playing in the street, decided to join in rather than chastise them. The video went viral, and Shaquille O’Neal then joined them for a rematch.

Source: Rick Chaffin