Legacy Business School, A New Private Business Career School In Trump Tower

NEW YORK, June 23, 2017 — Legacy Business School, located at Trump Tower, has announced to be officially licensed by the New York State Education Department. Legacy Business School welcomes its first enrollment on October 2nd, 2017.

The newly licensed Private Business Career School offers students a unique set of unparalleled high-level Management and Business skills, global centric education, and the opportunity to study at a vocational school, located in the heart of the world’s most vibrant business center. Legacy Business School is referred to as the bedrock of visionary leaders and innovative entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  

Legacy business students will experience:

  • Professors from esteemed faculties, such as Harvard, Columbia and New York University, who comprise the cornerstone of our teaching legacy.
  • Innovative academic programs, highly versatile to specific career needs.
  • Access to valuable decades of real life business and educational experience.
  • Three exclusive internships in top-tier companies.
  • Modern education in a grand environment and highly equipped classrooms.
  • Unique career and lifestyle experiences in New York City.

Legacy Business School provides a modern and pragmatic approach to education, which extends beyond the classroom. The students study in an exceptional business environment, which provides direct access to real life cases and practical expertise. Classes have a maximum size of 10-12 students, hence optimize settings for individualized study.

The curriculum of Legacy Business School is regulated by New York’s Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision. Offering a Four Year Business and Management program, students will be exposed to multifaceted and global education, while profiting from three exclusive internships in top-tier companies. During their programs, students benefit from individual mentorship by their professors, as well as Legacy’s business network, and the guidance of the professional Career Services Team. 

In addition, Legacy Business School students will have access to exclusive career events and the opportunity to shape a highly valuable network, which today is an essential key asset for the future of every student.

About Legacy Business School: The campus of this exclusive private business career school is located at Trump Tower, Fifth Avenue, New York City, USA. The educational institution embodies passion, business and lifestyle. The combination of these attributes allows Legacy Business School to offer a new way of preparing future business leaders.

Registrations are open and students can apply for Fall 2017.

For more information, please visit: www.legacyny.org

For media inquiries, please contact: press@legacyny.org

For information about the program, please email to: admissions@legacyny.org

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