Keeper Announces New FIDO Alliance Membership

CHICAGO, June 27, 2017 — Keeper Security, Inc., the world’s leading password manager and secure digital vault, today announced its membership in the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance. Keeper recently announced that its latest release integrates with FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) compatible hardware security keys, such as YubiKey, to provide easy two-factor authentication (2FA) for businesses and individual customers.

The FIDO Alliance is a nonprofit organization formed to address lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices as well as the problems users face with creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords. It is changing the nature of authentication by developing specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that supplant reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services.

“Keeper Security is a security-focused company. FIDO authentication is quickly becoming the popular standard in strong authentication for consumers and businesses,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security, Inc. “We are pleased to become a FIDO member to reinforce our commitment of protecting our customers with modern technology.”

Keeper is a software platform that provides both password management and secure digital file storage for businesses. The platform ensures that employees utilize Keeper to protect the organization’s most sensitive assets. Keeper is a zero-knowledge platform that incorporates the industry’s strongest security protocols while also having prominent industry certifications including SOC 2, TRUSTe, Qualys and HIPAA.

“I am pleased to welcome Keeper into the FIDO Alliance and thank them for their commitment to modern strong authentication. Keeper, more than most, understands the need for a more secure approach to user authentication based on un-phishable account credentials and faster, easier user experiences,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. “Keeper is now part of a growing global ecosystem using FIDO standards to deliver simpler, stronger authentication.”

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Keeper Security is transforming the way businesses and individuals protect their passwords and sensitive digital assets to significantly reduce cyber theft.  As the leading password manager and digital vault, Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach and increase online productivity.  Keeper is SOC 2 Certified and utilizes best-in-class encryption to safeguard its customers. Keeper protects industry-leading companies including Sony, Oregon State University and Iconiq Capital. Keeper partners with global OEMs and mobile operators to preload Keeper on smartphones and tablets and integrates seamlessly with Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication providers. Learn more at


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