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Mediametric has analyzed top US retailers (according to Deloitte research) and their PR efforts in this difficult economic environment. With consumers changing their behavior and leaning more and more toward buying online, it is clear that retail is undergoing a revolutionary change and retailers big and small are forced to announce closures. While Amazon is thriving in this new circumstances, nearly every major department store, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, Sears and CVS, is closing hundreds of stores in order to prevent losses from unprofitable stores. 
Mediametric’s media analysis shows (see the Table below) that Amazon is way ahead of the game with 176K articles mentioning the brand, of which 20.5K articles have positive sentiment. 
It is interesting to compare Walmart and CVS. Both retailers had to close down stores; however, Walmart has 48K articles written about them with only 3.2K having negative sentiment. Meanwhile, CVS is not only struggling with keeping their stores open but also with keeping up with media as the total amount of mentions numbers 2.4K.
​Therefore, it is important during difficult times to use all available PR tools to investigate what press writes about you, and most importantly remind customers about your brand and business. For this reason, Mediametric has created a new tool for you to be able to find relevant journalists who cover your industry, build media lists with just one click and pitch the most relevant journalists in a very easy way.

About Mediametric 

Mediametric is a media monitoring and analytics company.  It allows clients to analyze PR performance, monitor news, build media and journalists’ ratings, create media lists and pitch relevant writers who cover specific industry.

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